100 Cars Involved In Illegal Sideshow Shut Down San Francisco Bay Bridge


Some 100 cars shut down the Bay Bridge connecting San Francisco and Oakland over the weekend. It was one of multiple sites across the area where sideshows took place. Police have yet to announce any arrests or citations related to the incidents.

According to multiple reports, the sideshow participants and spectators shut down the bridge sometime around 1 a.m. The California Highway Patrol told The San Francisco Standard that it cleared the area by 1:19 a.m. In the interim, participants did donuts and slides across all lanes of the eastbound half of the bridge.

An Instagram account called itsthebay shows the event and indicated that there was a similar situation on the westbound half of the bridge. The only video we’ve found from the westbound half shows a Ford Mustang doing a burnout and leaving a cloud of smoke there.

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A video entitled ‘Crazy Bay Area Sideshow 12.3.22 (Bay Bridge Shut Down & More!)’ showing the incident was also posted to YouTube by user Jayy Hitta. In it, we see what appears to be the same cars from the Instagram post. For the first 27 minutes or so of the video, we see sideshows taking place in other locations around the Bay Bridge. Then at the 27:54 mark, we see footage shot on the bridge itself.

Two Infinitis are joined by a Subaru BRZ for a short time. More Nissan Z cars are involved as well. A Chevrolet Silverado pickup gets in on the action as does a Pontiac G8 GT. A Cadillac CTS and a Chevrolet Camaro appear in the film as well but it seems as though they’re not on the bridge.

Californian cities have been working on reducing sideshow instances all year. In November, police handed out some 720 citations and impounded 19 cars in connection with a sideshow in San Jose. As of this writing, there’s no indication that police arrested or cited anyone in connection with the Bay Bridge incident over the weekend.

Image Credit: Jayy Hitta on YouTube



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