100,00th Porsche Taycan Rolls Off Zuffenhausen Line, Only A Million To Go To Catch the 911


It took Porsche 18 years to build its 100,000th car, a 1968 911 “soft window” Targa police car produced in December 1966.

But the four-door Taycan has hit that same century marker only three years after the first electric sedan rolled off the Zuffenhausen line, and despite having to battle Covid restrictions and semiconductor shortages.

The milestone car, a Neptune Blue Turbo S headed for the UK which, along with the U.S. and China, is one of the top three markets for Porsche’s electric sedan. But impressive as the Taycan’s production tally is, the model still got some way to go before it catches up to the legendary 911.

The iconic sports car hit the million-unit mark in 2017 and massively outsold the EV in the first three quarters of 2022. Sales of the 911 actually rose by 9 percent to 30,611 units, while supply issues meant Taycan sales actually fell 12 percent to 25,073.

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Porsche used the 100,000-sales milestone to promote the Taycan’s reliability and usability by highlighting some high-mileage customer case studies involving owners who have passed the 100,000 km (62,000 miles) mark in their cars. Jean-Hubert Revolon from Lyon in France has racked up 188,119 km (116,897 miles) traveling around Europe in his Taycan 4S, sometimes covering as many as 1,200 km (746 miles) per day. Despite doing 12 years’ worth of driving in only two, the only repair Revolon’s Porsche has needed is one replacement suspension sensor.

Other Porsche mile-eaters included pharmacist Guillaume Takvorian, whose Taycan 4S has notched up 113,977 km (70,825 miles) in two years, and German magazine Auto Bild, which spent two years subjecting a 4S to its 100,000 km durability test.

And Porsche has its own mile-munching king in the form of the company’s Head of Body Planning, Markus Kreutel. In 18 months starting in February 2021, Kreutel covered 134,911 km (83,834 miles) commuting to work and traveling for business in his Taycan Turbo company car.


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