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$10K Challenge: Find Us The Best Used Luxury Sedan For Sale Now


The new car market might still be full of cars going for well over MSRP but there are a few soft spots left in the used-car market. One of those softies is in the luxury sedan segment. Today, we want you to show us the very best used luxury sedan on the market for $10,000 or less.

Most enthusiasts know that there is a smattering of luxury vehicles that depreciate faster than an asteroid falling out of the sky. Much of the time, those values fall so quickly because the maintenance of such vehicles is unbelievably expensive. So buying the car might be cheap but keeping it running could very well break the bank.

For example, it’s not hard to find a number of formerly high-end Maseratis, Mercedes’, and Jaguars. Many of those have a long list of deferred maintenance that should be considered as part of the total cost. At the same time, there are a few cars under budget that we still think are worth being on the shortlist.

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The Mercedes Benz S-Class can be notoriously reliable so long as one avoids big time bombs like the ABC suspension, rust issues, or problematic engines. The Jaguar XF is also notably robust compared to many of its family members. Both offer serious luxury and don’t break our budget.

At the same time, there are a number of cars that are luxurious, come in under budget, and will likely offer better reliability too. For this kind of cash, we really love the Lexus LS430. No, it won’t have the most advanced technology but it’ll be plush and pleasant to drive and ride in wherever you and your friends go. In addition, the V8 under the hood is well known for its bullet-proof nature.

Chrysler’s 300C is also easily found for $10,000 or less. It’s not as luxurious or tech-heavy as some other cars in this segment but it’s reliable and comfortable. It might be a little too common these days but it’s still one of the most stylish American sedans sold over the last two decades.

So, go scour the web and show us some listing that you’d think would fit our bill.


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