14-Year-Old Fleeing Police After Allegedly Stealing New Mustang Shelby GT500 From Ford Lot, Runs Out Of Gas, Jumps Off Bridge


A 14-year-old in Michigan fell 25 to 30 feet (7.6 to 9.1 meters) while being chased by police in a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 that was allegedly stolen from Ford’s Flat Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan.

Body cam footage obtained by Fox, show an officer approaching the vehicle with his gun drawn, telling the boy to exit the vehicle. According to police, the 14-year-old exited from the passenger side of the vehicle, jumped over the retaining wall on the side of the freeway, fell into a vacant yard below.

The boy’s injuries were serious enough to incapacitate him, and he was taken to hospital. Police from the township of Brownstown claim, in a statement, that none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening.

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The incident took place on October 12, 2022, shortly after 7:00 p.m., following a report that three Mustangs had been stolen from the Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant’s storage lot. Brownstown Police say they located three Mustangs Shelby GT500s going northbound on I-75.

They claim they tried to stop the vehicles, but none did. Officers were able to keep track of one of the vehicles, which appeared to run out of fuel. Following a number of thefts from Ford’s Flat Rock Assembly Plant, and others in the Detroit area, automakers have reportedly started limiting the amount of fuel they put in the vehicles to dissuade thieves.

According to an officer who spoke to Fox 2 Detroit, the sticker price of the Mustang Shelby GT500 that they recovered was $113,000. Incidents like this are, unfortunately, anything but unusual.

Ford has been the particular target of thieves recently, with reports emerging as recently as September of similar thefts. In that instance, more than a dozen vehicles, including Mustangs and Jeep Wagoneers from the nearby Stellantis plant, were stolen.

Photo Brownstown Township Police


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