18 Year-Old Car Salesman Crashes BMW X6 M Into House During Test Drive


An 18-year-old used car salesman from Chicago has been left red-faced after crashing a 2012 BMW X6 M while taking two customers on a test drive.

The salesperson, Vladyslav Vityk, was driving the potent SUV through Elmhurst but lost control of it in the 700 block of Junior Terrace. While it’s not clear exactly how the young driver managed to lose control, what we do know is that the SUV slid across the front yard of a home before slamming into its garage.

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“Just sitting in my office working. (I) heard a loud crash (and the) corner of the house was blown out,” homeowner Eric Bowgren told CBS News after the crash. “So, I think somebody lost control of their car and drove into our house. About ten feet in front of me.”

Screenshot CBS News Chicago / Youtube

Footage taken in the aftermath of the crash shows that significant damage was done to the property as it didn’t just slam into the corner of the garage but also took down a fence. The BMW X6 M was destroyed in the crash, losing a wheel and tire while also suffering a shattered windshield and a ruined front end.

Police quickly arrested Vityk and charged him with reckless driving, disobeying a traffic-control device, improper lane use, and driving too fast for the conditions. Vityk was not injured, nor was the homeowner, but the two passengers in the X6 M were taken to the nearby Edward-Elmhurst Hospital to get treatment for minor injuries.


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