1980 Ferrari 512 BB Koenig Special Is Pure 1980s Excess


There were very few companies or people brave enough to modify a Ferrari back in the day, but one of the most successful to do so was Koenig, which would add more wildness to Maranello’s models.

Koenig is a German tuning house founded by Willy Koenig, who was an accomplished race car driver in his own right. He started the company in 1977 with the aim of making Ferrari a “proper sportscar” again after he was dissatisfied with the performance of a 365 GT4BB that he purchased.

This particular 1980 512 BB carries just 57,629 kilometers (35,809 miles) from new, and received a recent service in April 2022 by Ferrari specialist Dario Saurer, comprising of a general tune-up as well as a new timing belt and a shifter adjustment for the overhauled gearbox. The unrestored vehicle is in fairly good shape inside and out, carrying only a minor amount of stone chips and worn leather.

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Starting life as a regular German market Ferrari 512 BB, it was converted by its second owner to Koenig Special specification in 1983. This included the flamboyant body kit complete with rear wing, gold mesh rims, and extended front splitter.

Behind the driver sits a 4.9-liter flat-12, producing somewhere in the neighborhood of 450 horsepower thanks to some engine tuning, and power is sent to the rear wheels by a twin-disc five-speed manual transaxle.

The 512 BB was up for auction on Collecting Cars, where it sold for €166,666 ($175,322). The sale also included a number of original paperwork, including information about the Koenig kit.


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