2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia Snapped With Tonale-Inspired Headlights


The facelifted 2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia has been spotted in the midst of testing once again and while the changes seem minimal, the carmaker appears in no rush to unveil the updated model.

A handful of 2023 Giulia prototypes have been spotted throughout the year and this particular car was snapped up close by Gabetz Spy Unit. Unlike some previous prototypes that were almost free of all camouflage, this prototype is completely covered with a swirly wrap.

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The most significant change made to the facelifted Giulia is expected to be a set of redesigned headlights, similar in shape and style to those of the Tonale, complete with almost identical LED daytime running lights and signatures. Alfa Romeo is also readying a facelift for the Stelvio that will see the SUV adopting the same revisions.

No other changes are visible on the front fascia of this prototype. As for the rear fascia, it appears largely identical to the current car. However, we can see that the taillights have been tinted and it seems likely that this new style will find its way into the production model.

Some alterations are tipped to be made in the cabin of the 2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia, likely including the fitment of a digital instrument cluster just like the Tonale, as well as the fitment of a new infotainment system. Some changes could also be made to the switchgear found throughout the car’s interior and whatever updates are made, expect them to be carried through unchanged to the Stelvio.

Alfa Romeo will morph into a fully electric brand by 2027 and the successor to the Giulia will be all-electric. As such, this could be the only facelift introduced for the sedan before the second-generation model arrives.


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