2023 Buick Century Is A Luxury MPV For China’s Business Elite


Buick has just taken off the covers to the new Century in China, a luxurious MPV that will be priced between 529,900 RMB ($73,912) and 689,900 RMB ($96,229).

The car manufacturer says the new Century was designed “to meet the needs of a new generation of business elites and affluent Chinese consumers” and that it will be offered with a choice of four or six seats. It joints the GL8 Avenir, GL8 ES, and GL8 Legacy in Buick’s range of MPVs sold in China.

The 2023 Buick Century measures 5,230 mm (205.9 inches) long, 1,980 mm (77.9 inches) wide, has a height of 1,867 mm (73.5 inches), and a 3,130 mm (123.2 inch) wheelbase, wrapped up in a forward-thinking design that neatly complements the rest of the Buick lineup. Among the key design highlights include the ‘check mark’ headlights that each incorporated 90 LEDs, taillights with some 730 individual LEDs, and a set of 19-inch brushed aluminum wheels.

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Given the luxury-focused nature of the Century, it’s little surprise that Buick focused extensively on the cabin, ensuring that it is as luxurious and plush as possible. Those seeking the ultimate in comfort should opt for the four-seat model where Buick has fitted an in-vehicle partition wall with a 32-inch sliding screen, a Bose sound system, a 13-liter refrigerator, and a scent diffuser.

Meanwhile, the second-row features 160-degree ‘cloud-feel’ seats upholstered in perforated Nappa leather and offering 18-ways of adjustment, five-zone independent heating, and 18-point zoned massage functions. The seats also have a neck support and footrests with graphene heating technology. Buick has also installed a Rolls-Royce-inspired starry roof with 366 LEDs and 162 flashing lights on the headliner. There is also an advanced Biocare cabin air purifying system as well as an 8-inch armrest touchscreen controller.

Customers who opt for the 2+2+2 option receive second-row captain seats with heating, ventilation, and 10-point massage functions.

Just a single powertrain will be offered, taking the form of an Ecotec 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system and a nine-speed HYDRA-MATIC intelligent transmission. Horsepower and torque numbers haven’t been released.


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