2023 Corvette C8s Are Getting A $2,300 Price Hike


Just like seemingly everything else in America, the price of the Chevrolet Corvette is getting a big price bump – $2,300, to be precise. And that’s to say nothing of a number of desirable options that are also seeing increases. Here’s a breakdown of what costs what, how Chevrolet is dealing with orders already placed, and what the new base price for a Corvette actually is.

First spotted by the folks over at midenginecorvetteforum (via Corvetteblogger) effective as of June 13th, 2022, every Corvette Stingray in the lineup, coupes and convertibles alike, has seen the same increase in price mentioned above. That brings the new entry point to $64,200 before a mandatory delivery fee of $1,395. Together, that means that the base MSRP for a bare-bones Vette is $65,595.

Buyers who want the drop-top version of the mid-engine coupe will need to shell out at least $73,095 in total. The most expensive Stingray, the 3LT Convertible has an MSRP of $84,545.

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MSRP 2023 Corvette:

1LT COUPE – $65,595
2LT COUPE – $72,895
3LT COUPE – $77,545

1LT CONV. – $73,095
2LT CONV. – $79,895
3LT CONV. – $84,545

Options with increases:

E60 Front Lift – $2,595

J6E Yellow Brake Calipers – $695
J6F Bright Red Calipers – $695
J6N – Edge Red Calipers – $695
NGA – Black Exhaust Tips – $395
EYK – Chrome Exterior Badges – $295
ZYC – Carbon Flash Exterior Mirrors – $195

BV4 Personalized Plaque with Name/VIN – $295
D30 Color Combination Override – $695
R6X Custom Trim and Seat Combo Override – $695
36S – Yellow Custom Leather Stitch – $495
379 – Orange Seat Belts – $495
38S – Red Custom Leather Stitch – $495
3A9 – Tension Blue Seat Belts – $495
3F9 – Red Seat Belts – $495
3M9 – Yellow Seat Belts – $495
3N9 – Tan Seat Belts – $495
N26 – Sueded Microfiber Steering Wheel – $695
TU7 – Two-Tone Seats – $595
AH2 – GT2 Bucket Seats(2LT Only) – $1,695

At the same time, these changes were brought about, Chevrolet has also increased the price of many desirable options on the Corvette. Exterior trim increases include Carbon Flash Mirrors which are now $195 and black exhaust tips which are now $395. Painted brake calipers in Yellow, Bright Red, or Edge Red will run $695.

Inside the cabin of the Corvette, buyers will pay $695 if they want a suede microfiber steering wheel, $495 for colored seat belts, and $1,695 for the GT2 bucket seats which are only available on the 2LT. The front axle lift system has a new price of $2,595 too.

Despite these increases, the Corvette still offers an outstanding value for money. It’s one of the fastest and most capable sports cars on the planet and still starts at less than the slower Porsche 718 Boxster. Thankfully, buyers who already had an order in won’t be affected by the price increase.

So long as the order is considered sold before June 13th, the MSRP will be the same. Of course, these numbers are all assuming that the dealer doesn’t try to mark the car up. Do these price increases put you off of the idea of owning a new Corvette or do they seem pretty reasonable in your eyes? Let us know in the comments below.


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