2023 Dodge Hornet First Look, Insurer Fakes Tesla Fire, And 2025 Kia Stinger EV Rendered: Your Morning Brief


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A Look Behind The Curtain Of What Led To The Rise Of The “Stealership”

Automotive dealerships have come under fire for some time, but thanks to the pandemic, the amount of customers paying well over MSRP for cars seems to be a far more common occurrence. NPR’s Planet Money decided to take a look at the rise of the so-called “stealership,” and uncovered just how far the shady practices go — from discrimination to hidden fees and questionable advertising.

First Look: The 2023 Hornet Is The Most Important Dodge In Over A Decade

On paper, the Dodge Hornet has a lot going for it. It shares a chassis with an Alfa Romeo, which, aside from cutting costs, should lead to a car that’s fun to drive. Performance is decent, with it billed as the quickest and most powerful crossover under $30,000. And, with some aggressive features, such as a ventilated hood and large alloys, it doesn’t look too bad either. But will it be enough for Dodge to compete in the small crossover segment, or will the Hornet be remembered as just another rebadge? Read our First Look report to find out what we think.

These Are The Only 21 Vehicles That May Be Eligible For Biden’s New EV Tax Credits

The Inflation Reduction Act resets how manufacturers will be eligible for tax credits on their EVs in an effort to prioritize local manufacturing over all else. However, while some automakers, such as Tesla, were already ineligible for the previous tax credit scheme thanks to the number of units shifted, the new bill won’t exactly open the flood gates for new EVs either. In fact, it will end credits for approximately 70 percent of the 72 vehicles that were previously eligible. This is because EVs and hybrids must now be made in North America, while a price cap of $80,000 has been imposed. There are further limits on the annual income of buyers too, while batteries will need 40 percent of their materials locally sourced. Currently, only 21 vehicles may qualify — click the link to find out which.

AXA Apologizes For Faking Tesla Battery Fire During Staged Crash Test With Pyrotechnics

European insurance company AXA has apologized for staging a test depicting an upturned Tesla with its battery on fire. It says that it should have made that clear in the press release it sent out, in particular, next to the images of the “test” that it included in the package. The demonstration saw a Tesla Model S being pulled over a ramp (designed to look like and kind of simulate the middle of a roundabout), whereupon it flipped onto its roof, and a fire broke out. However, the fire was not real — it was staged with pyrotechnics, and the battery had actually been removed.

We’re Driving The 2023 Toyota GR Corolla Rally-Inspired Hatch, What Do You Want To Know?

We’ve been spending some time with the latest hot hatch to hit the U.S. market, including getting some track time, comparing the exhaust notes of the various trims, and of course, getting behind the wheel ourselves. But while we gather our thoughts and wait for the press embargo to lift, why don’t you quiz us on what you want to know about the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla?

2025 Kia Stinger EV: We Envision An All-Electric Replacement For The Korean Driver’s Car

Sure, the Stinger didn’t set the sales tables alight, but the sports-oriented, rear or all-wheel drive liftback sedan did a good job at proving what Kia could serve up when they’re serious. But with the brand going all-in on EVs, and the EV6 now the defacto performance star, it’s hard to know if the Stinger will ever make a return. However, our independent illustrations show what a hypothetical electric second-generation Stinger could look like.

What Else Is Making The News

Liz Truss Named As New UK Prime Minister 

Liz Truss will become the new Prime Minister of the UK, with incumbent Boris Johnson set to submit his resignation tomorrow. It comes after an internal party election, where Truss won and secured 57% of members’ votes. Her election comes at a difficult time for the UK, with increasing costs of living and soaring energy costs.

Max Verstappen Wins At Home GP


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Max Verstappen won his home race at Zandvoort this weekend, leading second-placed George Russell and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc in third. Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton finished fourth but bemoaned a strategy that compromised his chance to win the race, having briefly led at the safety car restart.


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