2023 Ford Maverick Tremor, Toyota’s Warranty And Recall Woes, And 2024 Honda Accord Rendered: Your Weekly Brief


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General Motors Penalizes Corvette, Hummer, And Escalade V Flippers By Cancelling The Vehicle’s Warranty

A new move is being employed to deter flippers from making a quick buck on some of General Motor’s most sought-after models. In a letter from GM North American president Steve Carlisle, dealers were informed that the transferring of warranties will be restricted for certain high-demand models. In addition, resellers would be barred from placing future orders or reservations.

2023 Ford Maverick Tremor Rises To The Occasion With 1-Inch Lift And More Advanced AWD System

The 2023 Maverick Tremor builds on the success of Ford’s small and affordable truck offering with a more rugged spin on the theme. The Tremor brings with it both visual and mechanical upgrades. Externally, there’s a revised grille and bumpers, 17-inch wheels, blacked-out Ford logos, orange tow hooks, and new lighting units with dark accents. Power under the hood remains the same, but the Tremor gets a 1-inch (25 mm) lift, steel skid plates, a heavy-duty transmission cooler, and upgraded half-shafts.

Toyota Says That Using A GR86 On A Race Track Will Not (Necessarily) Void Its Warranty, Will Rebuild Owner’s Engine And Toyota Gives Recalled BZX4 Owners That Can’t Drive Their Cars The Option To Buy Back Their EVs

Toyota has backtracked on its decision not to rebuild or replace the engine in one owner’s GR86. Initially, the dealer used footage of the owner’s participation in performance driving events as cause for voiding the car’s warranty. After speaking with someone at Toyota’s executive offices, though, the owner told The Drive that his warranty claim has now been approved. He also said that the gasket material (the alleged source of the issue that broke his engine) would be applied correctly and to spec in his new engine. In other news for the brand, it seems that a delay in finding a solution for a faulty hub bolt on the bZ4X means that Toyota is now offering to buy back afflicted cars from new owners.

Family Stunned After Learning That Used Electric Ford Focus’ Batteries Cost More Than The Car Itself

Many of us know that the cost of batteries is one of the main reasons electric cars are typically priced higher than their ICE equivalents. However, when it comes to buying a used EV, one Florida family’s experience may serve as a reminder to many that second-hand electric cars need to be purchased with some degree of caution. The owner had picked up a 60,000 miles (96,560 km) Ford Focus Electric for $11,000, but the car required a battery replacement after just six months. The new battery turned out to cost more than the car itself, at $14,000.

Other Stories

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This Is Cadillac’s New Compact EV Crossover, Tipped To Launch In 2024

2023 Ford Explorer Revealed In China With Overhauled Exterior And Interior

2024 Honda Accord: Safer Styling, Powertrains And Everything Else We Know About The Midsize Sedan

In light of a spate of SUVs and crossovers currying favor with consumers of late, it comes as a welcome relief that Honda is pushing ahead with a new Accord. And thanks to our independent illustrations, we’ve got a good idea of how the 11th-generation sedan will look.

Nissan To Kill Current Maxima In Mid-2023, Appears Primed For An Electrifying Return

While the Accord may be getting a new generation, it would seem that the Maxima is getting its curtain call — but it could be primed for a return. Nissan has confirmed that the current gen sedan will be phased out in mid-2023. While there’s no concrete news on what form a replacement would take, it seems that the new generation Maxima will either be fully-electric or electrified, with the automaker saying “stay tuned for future Nissan Maxima news as we empower journeys through exciting vehicles and tech innovation.”

What Else Is Making The News

Amazon To Acquire Roomba For $1.7 Billion 

Amazon is set to purchase robotic vacuum cleaning manufacturer Roomba for $1.7 billion — a 22 percent premium on the stock’s last closing price according to Reuters. The move may trigger scrutiny from anti-trust bodies, although Amazon said it would continue to supply iRobot products to other retailers and keep them compatible with other companies’ voice assistants.

Uber Drivers At All-Time High 

With inflation on the rise, many are on the lookout to increase their revenue streams, with the latest trend being the number of Uber drivers hitting an all-time high. Almost 5 million people are now picking up passengers or making food deliveries for the company, 31 percent more than last year, reports the BBC.


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