2023 Honda Accord Gives Us A Taste Of Its “Sleek Styling” And Built-In Google Tech


Honda today teased the arrival of the new, 11th generation Accord with a series of darkened photos, and a promise of improved hybrid technology. It also promised to “bring the excitement back to the midsize sedan segment” with the new car.

Honda calls the new sedan “sporty, modern, smart, and comfortable” and boasts that it will have “sleek styling,” all of which sounds pretty good. In a pair of teaser images, it revealed that the car will, like other modern Hondas, have simple and elegant, but also subdued styling.

A hexagonal grille will dominate the front of the car, while simple, straight DRL lighting signatures are likely to accentuate how low and wide the sedan is. It will no longer have the nose-topping chrome element of the current Accord, nor will it have the folded-over nose of the Civic, which may be a welcome change for many.

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At the rear, too, the design will be simplified. New, lighting elements extend nearly from side to side, with only a short break in the middle for the Honda badge. That will be a relatively significant change, as compared to the C-shaped lights of the 10th-generation model.

Both changes were previewed in July by a patent filing submitted to the Brazilian government. It showed a black-and-white rendering of the car, that previewed the simplified design at each end, and revealed that it will continue in the middle. With unfussy, arrow-straight design lines, and seemingly little bulging in the bodywork, the new Accord will not be burdened by busy styling.

Under the hood, Honda reveals little but says that the 11th-generation Accord will have a “fun-to-drive” hybrid powertrain. Just one of many, the Accord, will be joined by a new CR-V and Civic Hybrid in the near future.

Inside, meanwhile, Honda boasts that the Accord will get its largest-ever touchscreen. Measuring 12.3 inches wide, the display will sit on top of the dashboard in much the same way as the existing model. Unlike the existing model, just one physical nob (likely a volume nob) can be seen in this teaser, together with a power graph for the hybrid powertrain.

The screen will now rely entirely on touch controls, something that should be made better by the automaker’s partnership with Google. The Accord will be the first Honda to use integrated Google built-in “for seamless on-the-go connectivity.”

A view of the instrument binnacle suggests that there will be another screen behind the steering wheel, though Honda has not yet provided us with any information about it. We will have to wait until it fully unveils the car next month before we learn more about that, and the car’s many other secrets.


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