2023 Honda HR-V, 2023 Nissan Altima, And 2024 Cupra Terramar: Your Weekly Brief


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So Much For Ford’s Warning To Dealers Warning Against Ridiculous F-150 Lightning Price Markups

Markups are nothing new in the world of cars — but the most recent models have begun commanding increasingly high premiums as supply chains struggle to recover post-pandemic. However, Ford’s dealers seem to be taking the issue to a new level. Ford Spokesperson Mike Levine recently counted a claim that a dealer had marked up a F-150 Lightning by $69,000. But the internet gave plenty of other examples, while we found one dealer, in Sunrise, FL, posting a $50,000 markup on a Lightning Platinum.

2023 Honda HR-V For North America Revealed In Full, Starts From $23,650

The 2023 North American Honda HR-V has been unveiled. Crucially, it’s not the same as the HR-V found in Europe. The U.S.-spec car is closer in size to the CR-V. Based on the Civic, the 2023 HR-V features the same 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine as found in the sedan, but it lacks more economical engine choices such as a 1.5-liter powerplant, or even a hybrid.

2023 Nissan Altima Debuts With New Grille And Larger Infotainment

The Nissan Altima has been upgraded for the 2023 model year. In addition to a larger grille and other visual tweaks, it sports improved tech and a larger infotainment screen borrowed from the Armada. There are also new wheel designs, a new optional sunroof, and two new colors for 2023 — Gray Sky Pearl and Garnett Pearl Metallic. Inside, the Altima gets wireless Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto connectivity, Nissan’s Door-to-Door Navigation, and NissanConnect Services.

New 2024 Cupra Terramar Revealed As A Hybrid-Only Compact SUV

The Cupra Terramar has been revealed, with the Spanish brand giving us a glimpse into its future. The 2024 Terramar will feature a hybrid drivetrain (likely with options of both mild and a confirmed plug-in hybrid) with a focus on sportiness. The new SUV will be joined by the Tavascan and the UrbanRebel in the Cupra lineup by 2025.

Other Stories

New Buick Envista Is The ICE Production Version Of The Electra-X Concept For China

Spending $24,000 To Fully Restore A 229k-Mile Lexus GX470 Makes More Sense Than You’d Think

Two Speed Bumps Placed Too Close To Each Other Send Cars Flying

Cadillac Teases Flagship Celestiq Electric Sedan Coming Next Year

We’ve had our second glimpse at the upcoming Cadillac Celestiq electric sedan, with the handbuilt “showcar” (which sounds like it could be a pre-production model) showing off a sharp front quarter panel and lighting signatures.

Check Out The Latest Tesla Cybertruck Prototype’s Interior With An Independent Instrument Cluster

While it has been plagued by delays, the hype surrounding the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck retains momentum. These latest pictures captured from an appearance at an event in Moss Landing, California, showcase a new windscreen wiper design and independent instrument cluster.

What Else Is Making The News

F1 Salary Caps Criticized By Drivers 

Formula 1 drivers Max Verstappen and Sebastien Vettel have criticized proposed salary caps for drivers. F1 has already introduced a budget cap to reduce spending and level the playing field, but marketing spend, driver salaries, and the salaries of the top-three earners aren’t yet included in this limit.

YouTube Fails To Tackle Fake Elon Musk Videos

Cyber scammers have been using fake videos of Elon Musk to trick viewers into watching fake streams of Tesla’s CEO and investing in cyropcurrency schemes. BBC News reports that such videos have been watched by tens of thousands of viewers over four days.


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