2023 Mercedes EQT Electric Minivan Unveiled With 175 Miles Of Range Looking Nothing Like The Concept


After unveiling the Concept EQT back in May 2021, Mercedes has finally shown off the production version of the all-electric van. Alongside it, the automaker previewed a camper variant of the vehicle with the Concept EQT Marco Polo1.

The Mercedes EQT uses a 45 kWh battery pack (one more than the concept that preceded it) returning a manufacturer-estimated range of 175 miles (282 km). The pack powers a modest 121 hp (90 kW/122 PS) motor that also delivers 181 lb-ft (245 Nm) of torque. That may not provide drivers with AMG-like acceleration, but should be fine for the small van.

Mercedes will start by introducing the short wheelbase version of the EQT, which is 4,498 mm long, 1,859 mm wide, and 1,819 mm high (14.7 x 6 x 5.9 ft), but a longer wheelbase version is expected to follow.

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When compared to the concept, the production version of the EQT is seriously toned down visually. The grille now has slats for air flow, a lower grille section, and regular (mundane) headlights. With an overall less smooth and futuristic design, the production version does at least get its own grille and a few design cues to differentiate it from the T-Class, to which it is closely related.

To make things a little more exciting, though, the Concept EQT Marco Polo1 camping package has added a popup tent that makes it so that occupants have enough room to stand up straight.

That could come in handy, because the concept van has a washing facility, a small 16-liter (976 cubic-inch) fridge, drawers for camping accessories, and two bench seats for your waking hours. It also has a pull-out gas cooker and a fold-out table for mealtime.

The production EQT above doesn’t even look like the impressive concept from last year (pictured below)

When the night draws, and it’s time for sleeping, the rear of the EQT Marco Polo1 has a fold-out bed that measures in a 2 x 1.15 meters (6.5 x 3.7 ft). The roof tent also contains a 1.97 x 0.97 m (6.4 x 3.1 ft) sleeping area with a point-elastic disc spring system for extra comfort.

This being a Mercedes, the near-production concept’s furnishings are pretty swanky. The seats, the kitchen, and the bedroom elements all feature Artico Microcut material, and the paneling and furniture are trimmed in Avola cherry wood. There are a total of seven USB ports, and there’s an auxiliary battery hidden under a seat to power the interior lighting and other electrics. It can either be charged at home, at a campsite, or via the solar panels on the roof.

For the larger battery that actually powers the van, meanwhile, the production version can be charged from 10-80 percent in just 38 minutes at a DC fast-charging station. It can also be charged more slowly on standard plugs, though.

Mercedes expects the production version of the Concept EQT Marco Polo1 to be presented in the second half of 2023. The standard EQT will start at around €49,000 ($51,339 USD at current exchange rates) for the short-wheelbase model with the standard motor, and order books are opening soon. The longer wheelbase model will be introduced at a later date.


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