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2023 Tesla Model S And X May Get A Larger Rear Infotainment Screen


Tesla appears to be working to make the effective size of the screens in the rear of the Model S and X larger, according to photos posted online. The image suggests that the rear touchscreen will have smaller bezels and potentially higher resolution.

The picture showing the screen was posted to the Tesla Owners Club Romania Facebook page by Vlad Ionut Coste, and have since been disseminated from there. The caption on the post reads simply: “The new Model S/X has a larger rear screen,” as translated by Google.

The screen appears to fit into a housing that is roughly the same size as the previous one, but has a smaller black, unusable space around it. In the photo, Coste is holding the old screen next to the new one, making the added available screen space clear.

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In addition to giving rear-seat passengers more screen to touch, the new module also looks more modern. Some commentators have noted that the display also appears to have higher resolution, though the nature of the photo makes it hard to know for sure.

We have reached out to Tesla for more information, but confirmation of such an update has not yet been made official. Whether or not the updated screen will bring with it updated functions, is not known, either. InsideEVs reports, however, that Tesla has been working to allow rear seat passengers to connect Bluetooth headphones directly to the rear screen.

Tesla is, apparently, working on a number of updates for its vehicles. In addition to this potential improvement, reports suggest that the automaker is working on a visual update for the Model 3. A major part of that update will be on simplifying the interior of the vehicle and improving the aspects that owners interact with the most. Tesla’s chief designer also hinted at a new project that was coming up.

Photo of the allegedly new screen from Tesla Owners Club Romania / Facebook, with the current display pictured below.


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