2024 Acura ZDX EV, 2023 BMW XM, And Face Swapping The Ferrari Purosangue: Your Morning Brief


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Tesla Drivers Claim They’re Victims Of Increasing Acts Of Road Rage

Could Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s antics be the cause of hatred shown to drivers of the brand? Some people think so, while others feel disdain for EVs, in general. Either way, many Tesla owners feel like they’re being victimized, as they report being on the receiving end of ICEing, coal-rolling, being cut off, and flipped off.

2024 Acura ZDX EV: This Is What It’ll Look Like And Everything Else We Know

The Acura ZDX is being resurrected as an EV, and the model’s return is based on the GM-underpinned Honda Prologue SUV. The styling will be inspired by the brand’s recent Precision EV concept, while our illustrative preview showcases what else to expect from the vehicle’s design.

We Get Up Close To The 2023 BMW XM Plug-In Hybrid SUV

The all-new BMW XM is the M-division’s first standalone offering since the 1M supercar, which means the stakes are pretty high. We recently got up close and personal with the flagship SUV, which in the metal remains aggressive, but perhaps doesn’t seem as extreme as the initial concept was.

Future Skodas To Get More Distinctive Design, Won’t Go All-In On Interior Tech

Skoda’s electric cars are about to get a lot more distinctive, while future models won’t be overly focused on technology. The news comes from Skoda’s CEO Klaus Zellmer. Speaking with Handelsblatt, Zellmer also went on to say that Skoda will be more conservative in its digital presence, as it doesn’t want customers to feel overwhelmed.

Faraday Future FF 91 Prototype Burnt To The Ground Two Weeks Before CEO Fired

Adding on to the seemingly never-ending problems of Faraday Future, a prototype of their FF 91 burned to the ground in Cajon Pass, California, last month. The timing of the incident is sure to raise eyebrows as it came two weeks before CEO Carsten Breitfeld was ousted by Faraday Future’s Board of Directors. A tipster suggested the two events were connected and one of the reasons for Breitfeld’s removal.

We Face Swapped The Ferrari Purosangue With Some Pretty Interesting Results

We decided to have some fun and face-swapped the Ferrari Purosangue with offerings from Toyota, Vinfast, and Lamborghini. Some of them come off quite well, although perhaps Ferrari may think differently. Either way, it will have little impact on the Italian sportscar manufacturer, which is sold out of the Purosangue for the next two years.

What Else Is Making The News 

European Union Allows 5G On Flights

Airline passengers in the European Union may no longer need to activate airplane mode in their air, as the commission has ruled to allow airlines to offer 5G and slower mobile data on flights. The ruling comes in contrast to concerns in the US that 5G could interfere with the instrument readings of planes, which is said to be attributed to the different 5G frequencies used in the EU and UK.

Starlink To Help UK Homes Gain Internet Access

Elon Musk’s Starlink will be used as part of a UK trial to get high-speed internet to remote homes and companies, reports BBC News. Interestingly the British government chose Starlink over OneWeb, a satellite broadband firm that was saved two years ago with investment from the government.


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