2024 Acura ZDX EV: This Is What It’ll Look Like And Everything Else We Know


The following article contains independent illustrations created by Josh Byrnes for CarScoops. They are neither related to nor endorsed by Acura.

In the ecosphere of electric vehicles, Acura certainly doesn’t slingshot to the forefront of those deciding between a Tesla, Polestar or a myriad of other EV offerings. However, that could all be about to change, with Honda’s premium division developing a crossover based on the GM-pinned Prologue SUV.

Acura has dusted off an older nameplate for its first electric model calling its version the ZDX (yes, very imaginative), and our spies reveal that it’ll wear bodywork inspired by the brand’s recent Precision EV concept. As for all the other intel? Well, let’s take an illustrative preview of what we can expect.

The Future Of Acura Design

Illustrations / Josh Byrnes

Acura’s transition into EV propulsion also heralds a new design direction for the automaker. Previewed by the Acura Precision concept, the ZDX exhibits the brand’s ‘precision-crafted performance’ design ethos, blending deeply sculptured surfacing with dynamic lines.

A backlit diamond pentagon grille dominates the front, as do the sculptured hood bulges and facia scallops that frame the cooling ducts and headlights. The most significant talking point is the contrasting floating roof which, in tandem with the lower body colour section, helps it appear like a futuristic powerboat. A large charging port is conveniently placed ahead of the driver’s side door.

The back end features a full-width (particle glitch) LED light cluster and wraparound glass that neatly intersects with the side quarter windows. A deep tailgate aids the practicality equation, and a prominent upper ledge exudes a monolithic appearance.

Under The Skin

A look inside the prototype Acura ZDX shows a large infotainment display with a pronounced physical knob

Whilst much of the interior has managed to stay under wraps, we know it’ll feature a freestanding infotainment screen with physical knobs and a dark upper environment to emphasize its sporting pretensions – not unlike its Honda brethren. Passenger and cargo volume will mirror its Honda sibling too, with a sizable wheelbase spanning 3093mm (121.77 Inches).

A plethora of driver assists and convenience features will be available. One big question is whether Honda will have access to a rebranded variant of GM’s Super Cruise, a Level 2 system that enables hands-free driving on certain freeways.

Amped Propulsion

The new Acura ZDX will be closely related to the 2024 Honda Prologue EV

Any clues to the ZDX’s powertrain can be found in Chevrolet’s Blazer EV, which shares its BEV3 platform (GM Ultium battery architecture). For reference, the Blazer SS offers a healthy 557-hp with standard, dual-motor all-wheel-drive for a 0-60 mph time in under 4.0 seconds. This setup could be used in the already confirmed, flagship ZDX S-Type.

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Intriguingly, the platform can also offer powertrain configurations in both front and rear-wheel-drive for lower-specification variants. While outputs have yet to be confirmed, we expect it to start from around 340 horses with Acura likely offering only rear- and all-wheel drive versions.

Battery capacity is still relatively unknown (likely 100 kWh), yet we anticipate an estimated range of up to 320 mi (510 km). For those on the go, DC fast charging can pump those electrons up to a rate of 195 kW.

Rivals and Reveal

The upcoming Audi Q6 e-tron seen here in our speculative rendering will be on of the ZDX’s key competitors

As with its Prologue sibling, the ZDX will be built by General Motors at its Spring Hill, Tennessee, plant where the Cadillac Lyriq is currently being manufactured.

Key rivals include Tesla’s Model Y, Polestar 3BMW iXAudi Q6 e-TronMercedes-Benz EQE SUV, and Jaguar i-Pace. The Japanese brand will reveal the ZDX as a 2024 model-year offering in the coming months, with pre-orders starting soon after. It’s too early to know pricing, but it’s believed that it will start from high $50,000s for the base models going all the way up to mid-to-high $70,000s for the Type S.

What do you think of the ZDX’s electrified resurrection? Share your views in the comments below.


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