2024 Honda UR-V And Avancier Coupe-Crossovers Getting A Facelift In China


Honda and its local Chinese partners are preparing a variety of updates to refresh their mid-size crossovers. Based on the same platform, the UR-V and the Avancier will get mild visual updates, tech upgrades, but will also suffer a mild loss of power.

Photos released by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information reveal that while the Dongfeng Honda UR-V can look forward to some modest visual updates, the very closely related Guangqi Honda Avancier’s updates will mainly go under the hood.

The UR-V’s visual updates, include a slightly reworked grille that omits a beam-like plastic trim piece and adds chrome all around its perimeter. The Honda emblem has also been enlarged front and back, and new rim options have been added, though they all remain 19-inches in diameter.

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 2024 Honda UR-V And Avancier Coupe-Crossovers Getting A Facelift In China

It is also expected that the new UR-V will get a variety of improvements inside. Although there are no pictures published of the new interior, it is expected that the crossover’s old-school eight-inch infotainment screen will be updated to bring some better tech.

The Avancier, meanwhile, will get almost no exterior visual changes with its update, which may be because Guangqi Honda is taking an “if it ain’t broke” approach. According to local media, while around 26,000 UR-Vs were sold in the first 11 months of 2022, consumers were much more interested in the Avancier, of which a little over 40,000 sold.

Autohome reports that the real changes will be coming under the hood, and are largely being made to bring the vehicle in line with emissions regulations. That actually means that this update isn’t necessarily an upgrade.

The 1.5-liter turbocharge engine will now make 185 hp (138 kW/188 PS), down five horses (4 kW/5 PS) from the existing model. The 2.0-liter engine, meanwhile, will make 257 hp (192 kW/261 PS), which is down from the current rating of 268 hp (200 kW/272 PS).

The Avancier isn’t alone in receiving these changes, though. The UR-V is powered by the same engines and is expected to see the exact same updates. Whether its interior updates are shared with the Avancier remains to be seen.


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