2024 Hyundai Santa Fe Filmed Up Close Showing Off Its New Boxy Shape


Hyundai is developing the next generation of the Santa Fe and the SUV has been spied up close in South Korea. While bathed in body cladding, it’s obvious that it will undergo a plethora of styling modifications and adopt a radical new shape.

The SUV’s front fascia is clearly quite different from the outgoing model. While the presence of the body cladding hides many of the design details, you’ll notice that the shape of the headlights departs from the split design of the current model.

Hyundai’s design changes are particularly evident when the SUV is viewed from the side. The windshield, side windows, and roofline give the SUV a much more angular look than we’re used to for the Santa Fe. The A-pillars are also finished in gloss black, adding to the vehicle’s bold new appearance. The design of the wheels further adds to the new looks.

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The presenter of this video also had the opportunity to take a peek at the interior of the 2024 Santa Fe. Like the exterior, much of the cabin has been hidden from view but the seats of this prototype are finished in cream-colored leather with cloth centers. A look at the door panels shows that they will be more similar to the current Kia Sorento than the existing Santa Fe. The seats can also be seen folded flat.

Little other details about the fifth-generation Hyundai Santa Fe are known but it is understood that it will grow in size and in Korea, will be regarded as a large SUV rather than a mid-size one like the current model. This will help to further separate it from the long-wheelbase version of the Tucson that is just 1 cm shorter than the existing Santa Fe, The Korean Car Blog notes.



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