2024 Volkswagen Tiguan Shows Off Redesigned Body For The First Time


Although it was updated for the 2022 model year, Volkswagen is already working on a new generation for the popular Tiguan. The compact crossover has been spotted by our spy photographers with minimal camouflage.

Captured high on mountain roads, this test vehicle previews a few changes to the model, while keeping some secrets with a tricky black paint job. Although the camouflage looks simple, stickers over certain sections of the vehicle (such as the headlights and grille) do hide a number of design details.

It appears, however, that the front section of the updated vehicle will be taller and more vertical, lending it a blockier, more old-school SUV shape than it currently has. Conversely, around the sides it appears that the new model will feature more rounded design lines and bulging wheel arches, giving it a more muscular stance.

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The back of the vehicle, meanwhile, appears rather similar to the current model but the lines are much cleaner, following the example of the more expensive Touareg. Again, though, stickers have been carefully placed all over the back of the crossover, too. The taillights and the exhaust cutouts both appear to be designed to trick onlookers.

Volkswagen has been moving away from the busy, dazzle camouflage that automakers often use to fool the eye, in favor of simple, monotone paint. Though that may seem less effective, the brand has also, historically, been a fan of using fake body panels to conceal the design of upcoming vehicles, making it hard to know how much we can trust this test vehicle.

Regardless, rumor has it that the new Tiguan will grow slightly over the existing one. Combustion engines are also expected for it, but, since VW is focused on EVs, reports indicate that the model’s engine options will continue more or less unchanged.

Autocar indicates that we can expect this updated version of the Tiguan to be introduced in Europe in 2024. The American model will likely arrive several months later.

Image Credits: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for CarScoops


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