$2K Challenge: Find Us The Weirdest Car For Sale On Craigslist And Marketplace


People around the world pay lots of money to stand out in the automotive crowd. Today, though, we’re proving that just about anybody can still stand out, albeit very differently, for a lot less cash – and we are asking you to show us the weirdest car you can find on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for $2,000 or less.

While the used car market is still full of cars valued way above pre-pandemic days, there are a number of little jewels we’ve found in a cursory search of the country. It seems as though there are a couple of different angles to take when it comes to finding something weird. The first is to find something that’s mostly just weird because of its modification.

For example, this Honda CR-V below is punching way above its weight class when it comes to off-road ability. It has a lift kit, solid engine mounts, and upgraded components all over the place. It sounds like it’s quite capable when the road runs out but we get the feeling that it’ll always be the black sheep on the trail.

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Of course, for this kind of cash, it’s easy to find something that doesn’t run but is about as weird as it could possibly get. For example, take this school/party bus. According to the poster, it ran when it was parked but they don’t clarify exactly how long ago that was. They do say that it’ll need to be towed to its new home.

On the plus side, it has a paint job that is sure to be the only one of its kind on the planet. It also has a fully furnished interior with what looks like a full bar, a couple of tables, and a two-person (at least) bed in the back. Maybe the right answer is to split the difference between these two angles.

This Scion xB just got back from Burning Man and it has the paint job to prove it. According to the poster, it just went there and back with “no issues” but a little later down they say that it needs new front brakes: “I use the emergency brakes to stop it right now, so as only to engage the back ones.”

Still, we get the feeling that you can find a few cars for $2,000 or less that might trump it. Show us in the comments below!

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