$60k Challenge: What Two New Vehicles, A Family Hauler And Sports Car Would You Choose?


New cars are more expensive than ever before. That won’t surprise anyone but what might is that the average new car costs almost $50,000. We wonder what you’d do if you were hellbent on buying both a family car and a weekend sports car and all you had was $60k.

There are a few rules that mustn’t be broken. First, you have to buy two different vehicles. Picking out something that’s an excellent all rounder won’t do. Otherwise, we’d just go get something like the Toyota GR Corolla or the Kia Stinger and call it a done deal.

We’re also going to stick with MSRP pricing. As frustrating as it is that many dealers are charging way over that, we can’t assume a specific price otherwise. For many vehicles, this rule won’t make much of a difference as they’re not being marked up.

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In addition, there’s no cap on how much you can spend on each vehicle so long as the total price for both is under $60k. That means that one could make a car like the Mitsubishi Mirage the family daily driver. At an MSRP of just $16,245, it would leave over $40,000 to play with.

We’ll do our best to be balanced and we’ll pick the Toyota GR86 as our weekend sports car. Regardless of how any of us feel about its styling, and some people really love it, it’s great at accomplishing the job it was built for; going quickly. It starts at $27,900 which leaves us with a frustrating $32,100 to find a family vehicle.

It’s frustrating because for just a little bit more there is a bevy of excellent sports sedans that could be had like the Cadillac CT4 and the aforementioned Kia Stinger. Instead, we’ll go the completely opposite way and go for practicality with the Ford Maverick. Priced at just $27,995 for the Lariat, there’s even enough room in the budget for a small markup. Plus, with the GR 86 and the Maverick you could do just about anything one might need. How would you split your $60k?


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