7 Top Financial Life Lessons From Diwali


1. Invest With A Goal In Mind

During Diwali, gifts are purchased for family and friends based on their ages, tastes, and preferences. It wouldn’t seem appropriate to give a toy car to a girl who is 18 years old, right? Similar to this, one needs to have distinct financial planning objectives at various periods of life. When investing, having a goal will help you get through some challenging times without disrupting your normal cash flow.

2. Plan In Advance

Every household on Diwali is neatly decked up with pretty lights and decorations. This means that the preparation for this festivity starts months in advance. Many people bake sweets and other dishes at home, buy apparel, improve their home interior, and do many other things. Similar to this, you can get better returns by investing early. All in all, we must not just prepare early for Diwali but also for our investments. Additionally, you should exercise extreme caution while investing. It is thus crucial to have a thorough financial strategy prepared far in advance before making a secure and profitable investment.

3. Secure Yourself

During Diwali, your parents make sure you wear outfits that won’t easily catch fire. You also take precautions to avoid malfunctions when the crackers burst. Regarding one’s financial health, the same strategy needs to be put into practice. Before investing in any schemes, you must seek the opinion of a financial professional. Make a thorough financial strategy as well to prevent any surprises later. Investing thoughtlessly in any profitable ideas that seem too good to be true could end up costing you money. As a result, only put your money into a reliable alternative after assessing the pros and cons.

4. Manage Your Portfolio Regularly

People clean their homes and donate items that are no longer needed before Diwali. The reason is that it is believed that only well-organised, spotless homes are where Goddess Lakshmi visits. The same philosophy also applies to your investment portfolio. Every year, make sure your investment portfolio is in line with your short-term objectives and unforeseen expenses. Plan new assets that could be useful to you in the future instead. A clean and updated portfolio is crucial because it has a significant impact on your future success.

5. Remember That Diversity Is A Must

True that Diwali is a festival of lights, but lights alone do not make the festival a pleasant one. Add some diversity to the mixture. Your festival ought to provide a wonderful assortment of shopping, revelry, lights, fires, and other fun activities. And in order to avoid missing anything, organisation is essential. Similar to how a good portfolio diversification enables you to take advantage of the benefits provided by various financial instruments. Thus, you must decide which plans are more or less dangerous by taking into account a number of criteria.

6. Prepare For Emergency Situations

Make sure your fire suppression systems are ready to prevent any potential mishaps during the cracker-bursting celebration. Similar to investment preparation, it’s critical to have enough insurance coverage to handle life’s uncertainties. Preparation with an insurance cover will be beneficial when unanticipated losses arise.

7. Cut Out All The Noise

Diwali is known for its fireworks displays and lighting. The music from all of these celebrations is potent enough to dull your negative emotions. The world of investing is the same. Dodge unwelcomed misconceptions, myths, or decisions based on incomplete information. Your financial decisions should be supported by research and analysis rather than all of these noises. The help should come from a certified investment consultant rather than making a snap judgement.


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