8 Best Practices in Retail Personnel Management


1. Find the Right Employees

First and foremost, start by finding the right people to staff your store. This process, of course, begins with the interview process. Here is your opportunity to target specific character traits and build a cohesive team.

Take your time listing the position with specifics about pay, qualifications, and future growth opportunities. Prepare for each interview ahead of time so you know a bit about everyone who you speak with. Finally, stay organized and consistent with each interview so you and your team can properly evaluate each candidate upon the completion of the process.

Getting started on the right foot not only means that you’ll be more likely to find the right fit for the job, but it also is a step towards attracting the best candidates. Show highly motivated individuals that you run an organized and successful retail operation.

4. Set Goals and Keep Them Attainable

You also want to make sure your team has fair goals. It’s important to maintain consistent levels to measure success. Doing so is the only way to ensure long term growth. But, at the same time, such levels must be attainable.

You may want to make the process of goal setting a cooperative effort. Instead of setting goals based on hunches, ask your team what they think is fair. Whether it’s simply total sales goals or something a bit more nuanced like getting loyalty signups, good communication and a fair approach are vital to the process.

Down the road, monitor the success of each goal. And don’t be afraid to adapt them based on staff feedback or performance. Adjust accordingly and stay positive and encouraging whenever possible.

6. Provide Support and Benefits

Creating a great workplace environment is so important for managing your retail personnel. It’s important to provide the right benefits to make sure your staff is well taken care of. Such benefits might include providing insurance, giving extra paid time off, offering schedule flexibility, adding store discounts, supporting employee mental health, or paying performance-based bonuses.

Prioritizing the well-being and happiness of your team goes such a long way. It’s a more ethical way to run a business; the improved performance it inspires will pay dividends in the long run

8. Use Modern Software

Much of managing a retail store should now be done in conjunction with modern software. These days, there are so many retail tools available to the average retail shop. Retail software can save you time, improve efficiency and productivity among your staff, and offer insight into your operations.

Start with the right retail point of sale. Find a solution that helps you manage your employees with scheduling apps, cashier reports, sales and commission analysis, and accounting integrations. Such features make managing your personnel that much easier.

Regardless of where you upgrade your operations, think about which things would be easier to manage digitally. eCommerce, inventory management, payroll, pricing, and so much more can be more effectively managed with the help of the right technology.

Better Retail Personnel Management

Start slowly by implementing one or two of these ideas and see what sticks. Remember, you don’t need to overhaul everything at once. Plus, there’s plenty of room to get creative. Come up with your own ideas for running your store better and trying something new. You’ll see a happier, more productive team. And, in turn, you’ll have a happier, more loyal customer base.



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