A BMW M2 Competition With 480 HP Could Arrive In The Market In 2024


The new 2023 BMW M2 may have only just launched, but there’s already talk regarding a more powerful and focused M2 Competition, which may already be in the works for 2024.

According to BimmerPost member ynguldyn, who has a track record for reporting on accurate leaks from the Bavarian company, the M2 will remain in production until 2029. However, if the report is to be believed, the 453 hp G87 that we’ve just been introduced to may not be long for this world in its current guise.

According to the leaker, the standard M2 may be succeeded by a Competition version as soon as 2024. BMW has introduced a Competition badge as a mid-life update in the past, but some say that 2024 would be too early for an update.

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The standard 453-hp 2023 BMW M2 Coupe pictured here

Perhaps more likely is that the two models will be offered concurrently, with the base M2 eventually playing second fiddle to a lairier M2 Competition, which reportedly may have as much as 480 hp – enough to trouble the standard M4. While an M2 Competition would likely retain the car’s rear-wheel drive setup, whether it would feature the option of a manual gearbox remains a mystery.

The standard 2023 BMW M2 features the same S58 turbocharged 3.0 engine as found in the M4/M3, and outputs 453 hp (343 kW / 459 PS) and 406 lb-ft (550 Nm) of torque. Engineers resisted the urge to outfit it with all-wheel drive, instead retaining the driver-centric rear-wheel drive layout. While an eight-speed torque converter automatic is an option, a six-speed manual is standard, albeit a few fractions of a second slower to 60 mph (96 km/h).


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