A Group Of Roofless Ferrari Monza SP Exotics Ended Up Soaking In The Rain


The Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 limited production specials are amongst the most desirable and gorgeous exotic cars of our time but they have one major flaw: they come without a roof. Owners of the supercars faced the hurdles of everyday life first-hand when the rain started to fall during a gathering at Ferrari’s Fiorano circuit.

YouTuber Varryx shared this interesting story with us, proving that things can go wrong even if you are invited to a special event organized by Ferrari. The Monza owners’ meetup was held in Italy, with around 80 cars participating in the event. Seeing a bunch of SP1 and SP2 cruising down the road with different liveries is a beautiful but quite rare sight.

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Following a nice drive in the Italian countryside under the Mediterranean sun, a stop at a high-class restaurant and a stay at a five-star hotel, the ultra-expensive parade ended up in Fiorano. Owners parked their cars for a group photo next to the track, but the weather suddenly changed.

Rain started to fall, threatening the exposed interior of dozens of Monza SPs. Employees can be seen running around like crazy, trying to find a solution to the problem. It is not clear if the cars sustained damage from the water, but one thing is for sure – they are not designed to be parked outside, especially in bad weather. Let’s hope that next time, the event organizers will double-check the weather forecast.

Interestingly, this is not the first time we see a Monza SP getting wet, since an SP1 was filmed driving under heavy rain in Kuwait back in 2019. Still, most examples of the supercar will be probably treated as garage queens, due to their limited nature, eye-watering price tag, and weather-sensitive design.

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The Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 were introduced in 2018 as members of the limited-production Icona series, with a design inspired by racecars from the ’50s. The difference between them is the number of seats, with both models coming without a roof. The underpinnings are shared with the Ferrari 812 Superfast / 812 GTS, including the V12 engine which is good for 799 hp (603 kW / 810 PS).

Back in the day, the price for a brand-new Monza SP started from €1.58 million ($1.75 million) before options, but examples are now selling well above the $2 million mark in the used car market. Also, the limited availability (499 units) meant they were reserved only for Ferrari’s most special clients, something that also applied to the more recent, La Ferrari-based Daytona SP3.


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