A Look Back At The History Of Rock Culture In India


Rock music or ‘rock and roll’ originated in the U.S. in the late 1940s and early 1950s. As the influence of The Beatles and Rolling Stones continued in the ‘60s, rock music rolled into the Indian music scene. 

In India, Rock bands were previously known as beat groups. But Bollywood music was still the preferred option by the audience. Some OG bands like Moheener Ghoraguli, Rock Machine, now known as Indus Creed, cemented the rock music genre in India.

Music festivals like Bangalore Open Air, Rock ‘n’ Roll India and Strawberry Fields helped newer artists to showcase their talent and brought iconic acts such as Metallica and Iron Maiden to India.

In spite of having a niche set of listeners, newer bands are still coming up and older bands have managed to retain their strong audience base in India.

One question still lingers though: Is Rock music here to stay?

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