A Midsize Electric Hummer Pickup Could Be On The Cards


General Motors could launch a midsize Hummer pickup truck, making the most of growing demand for EVs like this.

Sources close to the car manufacturer claim that a small Hummer EV pickup is already a design concept at GM’s California studio and it is viewed as a priority project. While GMC spokesman Mikhael Farah declined to comment on the project, it is understood that GM believes the Hummer brand has strong recognition and a strong following, making such a product viable.

The current Hummer EV, despite its price tag reaching into six digits, has proven to be a huge success for General Motors with more than 90,000 orders being placed. Production is slowly ramping up at the automaker’s plant with some 781 examples delivered as of September 30. Production of the Hummer SUV will start soon.

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Auto News notes that a smaller EV from the Hummer brand could find its way into the European market, furthering the brand’s reach and appeal.

Details about the vehicle’s design, as well as its powertrain, are uncertain. However, in all likelihood, the vehicle would use GM’s Ultium platform and borrow both its battery pack and electric motors from other EVs currently being produced by the car manufacturer. The smaller size would also allow GMC to sell it at a lower price and there’s a good chance it would outsell the current Hummer EV.

While the GMC Hummer EV has proven popular, its launch hasn’t been free of issues. In August, GM announced a customer satisfaction program to address a potential issue with the pickup, noting that a high voltage connector could corrode and allow water ingress.


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