A Rewards Program For Dispensaries


Frequently Asked Questions About springbig Loyalty Programs

What does springbig do?

Springbig offers a cloud-based customer management technology suite for dispensaries. By integrating their software with your point of sale system, you can do everything related to customer retention management, loyalty and rewards programs, text and email marketing, and beyond. They are one of the clear loyalty and rewards leaders in the cannabis retail space. 

What is loyalty and rewards?

Loyalty and rewards refers to digitally tracking your customers purchases and offering them benefits for frequenting your store. They are designed to retain customers, while establishing brand allegiance, maintaining a line of communication with clientele, and dissuading shoppers from switching to the competition. 

Do customer loyalty programs really work?

Yes, customer loyalty programs certainly work. Many studies and news articles have revealed convincing statistical evidence that points to loyalty programs effectiveness. Springbig also provides figures on their website showing that their platform is highly useful for dispensaries. 

Why is customer loyalty important?

Acquiring customers is one of the most difficult aspects of retail business. Customer loyalty helps increase customer retention, giving clientele  a nod of gratitude for being a frequent shopper. It also incentivizes choosing your store over competitors. 


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