A Rivian Designer Just Fixed The 2023 BMW M2


The design of the second-generation 2023 BMW M2 has caused quite a lot of controversy since its unveiling, particularly since the first variant of the series was such a looker. While BMW remains insistent in its belief that its bizarre design language will pay dividends, one talented design has shown just how beautiful the new M2 could have been.

This particular M2 was sketched by David Schneider who just so happens to be a senior designer at Rivian Automotive having worked for the EV startup since December 2013. His Instagram is filled with impressive sketches, many of which take existing models but make them look even better with some significant alterations.

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David Schneider / Instagram

In overhauling the design of the M2, Schneider has completely revised the front fascia, making it significantly more purposeful and dramatic while remaining easily identifiable as a BMW.

The first change made are the fitment of slimmer and more menacing headlights, complete with LED daytime running lights that stretch to the corners of the kidney grilles. Speaking of the kidney grilles, they are slimmer and wider than the current M2. The lower portion of the fascia has also been changed with a new bumper complete with massive air intakes and plenty of sharp and angular lines.

Various changes have also been made to the sides of the BMW. The flared front and rear wheel arches of the current M2 are immediately visible but Schneider has made them look slightly more refined and in keeping with the rest of the car’s design. The lower portion of the doors also now sports a prominent crease.

David Schneider / Instagram

As it turns out, this isn’t the only current BMW model that Schneider has re-designed. Last year, he also shared sketches of a revised version of the BMW Z4 which made the already-attractive droptop look even better.

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