Acura Precision Concept Points To Future EV Design Inspired By Italian Speed Boats


Acura today unveiled the Precision EV Concept, a look ahead at the future of the brand’s design. The concept vehicle provides us with a hint as to what the brand is planning for its upcoming electric crossover.

Described as a “north star” inspiring the brand’s upcoming designs as it moves “into an exciting electrified future,” Acura says that the shape was “inspired by the elegance, artistry, and harmony of form and function unique to luxury Italian power boats.”

“The Acura Precision EV Concept is a design study that will shape the direction of future Acura products in the electrified era including our first all-electric SUV in 2024,” said Emile Korkor, assistant vice president of Acura National Sales. “We are committed to delivering Precision Crafted Performance in every facet of the Acura client experience, which includes a powerful and very exciting direction for the next generation of electrified Acura models.”

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The concept features an evolution of Acura’s Diamond Pentagon grille. Since an EV doesn’t really need to breathe air in the same way as an internal combustion vehicle, an illuminated section maintains the brand’s aesthetic, interpreting the diamond pattern in lights, rather than in negative space.

The front end also still features, Acura‘s “chicane” DRL light signature, while adding a “Particle Glitch” effect to them. That pattern is repeated in the taillights and in the wheels, which on this concept are 23-inches across.

“The Acura Precision EV Concept continues to build on Precision Crafted Performance ‘Seamless and Dynamic’ exterior design language with a pronounced front fascia to emphasize the next-generation Seamless Illuminated Fascia for an EV,” said Andy Foster, exterior chief designer. “The ‘Particle Glitch’ lower detailing explores what EV performance could look like as Acura shifts toward its electrified future.”

Inside, meanwhile, occupants are treated to a collection of premium and sustainable materials. The seats are covered in biomass leather, and the aluminum and the green cast acrylic in the steering wheel’s secondary controls are made from recycled materials, while milled FSC-certified wood, harvested from responsibly managed forests, gives the interior a premium feel while harming the planet less.

The design, on the other hand, is supposed to be changeable. With a Formula 1-inspired steering wheel and a low-slung driving position, Acura is trying to make the interior feel sporty. Indeed, there is an “Instinctive Drive Mode” that changes the instrument cluster display to a motorsport-inspired look with red ambient lighting.

This is still a crossover, though, and Acura has also added a “Spiritual Lounge mode” that retracts the steering wheel, pipes soothing scents into the cabin, and plays an “underwater” animated projection with the interior lighting. The automaker says that the vehicle is capable of “full driving automation experiences” in this mode.

A hyper-wide, curved, transparent infotainment screen provides haptic responses when touched. Its boot-up graphics continue the Particle Glitch theme and, according to Acura, it can read the driver’s mood and set up the driving mode to suit it.

“The Acura Precision EV Concept gives a sneak peek of our future Dual Experience interior design philosophy,” said Simon Yu, senior interior designer. “We want to provide exhilarating performance driving control with a sophisticated and invigorating lounge environment that immerses the driver’s senses.”

The Precision EV Concept will make its public debut at The Quail, a Motorsport Gathering on Friday, August 19, after which it will be showcased at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Concept Lawn on Sunday, August 21.


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