Aehra SUV Unveiled As An Aggressive And Aerodynamic Ultra Premium EV


Economic headwinds have put a damper on the EV startup craze, but that hasn’t stopped Milan-based Aehra from unveiling the design of their first vehicle.

Simply known as the SUV at this point, the model is being billed as an ultra premium electric vehicle that is a “peerless vision of effortlessly elegant futurism.”

Putting the hyperbole aside, the SUV features an aggressive front fascia with slender LED headlights that are housed outside a channel that directs air over the hood and up the rakish windscreen. Further below, there are sporty intakes that are accented by lighting strips to give the crossover a “unique visual signature” at night.

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The aggressive front fascia gives way to a sleek profile with short front overhangs, aerodynamic fenders, and streamlined bodywork. However, the model is more notable for featuring upward opening doors that provide “optimum ease of entrance and egress.” Other notable highlights include flush-mounted door handles and a compact greenhouse.

The rear end is relatively plain by comparison, but it features a small rear wing with integrated lights. They reside above a ventilated fascia and a black rear bumper.

Aehra didn’t go into specifics, but noted designers took a “radical approach to aerodynamics, which play a central role in the design, driving characteristics and efficiency of the SUV.” Thanks to this focus, the model will have “exceptional aerodynamic efficiency” as well as active aerodynamics that optimize drag and thermal management of the battery pack.

Additional details are limited, but the company said the SUV features monocoque construction, forged carbon fiber technologies, and state-of-the-art sustainable materials. The model’s 118.1 inch wheelbase (3 meter) also promises an “exceptionally spacious cabin that effortlessly accommodates four NBA-size” people in complete comfort.

The company didn’t release specifications, but previous reports have suggested the model will have “awe-inspiring” performance as well as a range of at least 497 miles (800 km). Pricing is expected to start between $160,000 and $180,000, and the SUV is slated to be offered in an assortment of different markets including North America, Europe, China, the United Kingdom, and Gulf States.

While a number of questions remain, the SUV will be joined by a sedan that will be unveiled in February of 2023. Both models are then set to be delivered to customers in 2025.

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