Aeroplan Elite Status: Guide to Qualifying and Privileges


Aeroplan Elite Status is Air Canada’s elite program for its most frequent flyers. There are many opportunities to earn and benefit from status, which can help to make your travels more seamless.

Having a thorough understanding of the program will benefit you greatly, whether you’re seeking to earn Aeroplan Elite Status or maximize it. 

This post will guide you through the elite program, how to qualify for Aeroplan Elite Status, and the privileges that come with each tier.

How to Qualify for Aeroplan Elite Status

Qualifying for Aeroplan Elite Status depends on three factors:

  • Status Qualifying Miles (SQM)
  • Status Qualifying Segments (SQS)
  • Status Qualifying Dollars (SQD)

You reach the various status tiers by reaching minimum levels of SQM or SQS, in addition to SQD, through your paid flying activity. 

Status Qualifying Miles

SQM are earned as a percentage of the actual distance flown and on the fare purchased. The destination to which you fly (within Canada, United States, Sun Destinations, or International) also plays a small role in the SQM earned.

For example, if you fly from Vancouver to Toronto on a Flex fare, which earns 100% SQM, you’d earn 2,085 Status Qualifying Miles. If you booked a Premium Economy (Lowest) fare, you’d earn 2,606 SQM, which is 125% of the distance flown.

Earning status through SQM often is easier for those who tend to fly longer distances. 

(The amount of Aeroplan points you earn on a flight largely mirrors the amount of SQM earned, although it’s important to point out that these are two very different things.)

Status Qualifying Segments

SQS are determined by the amount of actual flight segments you have on a particular booking. For example, if you fly from St. John’s to Toronto on a direct flight, you earn 1 SQS, but if you were to fly via Montreal, you would earn 2 SQS. In some cases, it can be worthwhile to book milk-run routes in order to earn more SQS. 

Qualifying for status through SQS can be easier for people who tend to fly more short-haul flights, or for those who always require a connecting flight to a major airport hub to get to their destination.

For both SQM and SQS, you are able to boost your earnings with an eligible c0-branded credit card: you’ll earn 1,000 SQM and 1 SQS for every $5,000 spent on a premium Aeroplan credit card or every $10,000 spent on a core or small business Aeroplan credit card.

If you tend to be a big spender, you’ll therefore be rewarded with easier qualification for Aeroplan Elite Status if you put your spending on a co-branded credit card. 

Status Qualifying Dollars

SQD are earned based on the amount of base fare and carrier-imposed surcharges paid for your flight. You can also earn SQD on Star Alliance airlines ticketed on Air Canada 014 stock, Flight Pass purchases, and on eUpgrade add-on fees.

SQD are posted after the date flown, not on the date of purchase. There is currently no other way to earn SQD (e.g., through credit card spending) other than by spending it on flights.

Status Requirements

There are five Aeroplan Elite Status tiers: 25K, 35K, 50K, 75K, and Super Elite. To obtain status, you need to fulfill either the SQM or SQS requirements, in addition to the corresponding SQD requirement, in a calendar year. 

For example, to reach Aeroplan 35K status, you need to either obtain 35,000 SQM or 35 SQS in a calendar year, as well as reach a minimum SQD of $4,000. This all needs to happen between January 1 and December 31 to qualify for status.

Everyday Status Qualification

The Everyday Status Qualification feature allows you to earn Aeroplan 25K status without ever having set foot on a plane.

If you earn 100,000 Aeroplan points in a calendar year through eligible sources, you’ll receive Aeroplan 25K status. 

Eligible sources include the points you earn from spending on a co-branded Aeroplan credit card, flying with Air Canada and partner airlines, and earning through travel and retail partners such as the Aeroplan eStore.

However, credit card welcome bonuses and points transfers from other programs do not count towards Everyday Status Qualification. 

Chase Aeroplan Card + Elite Status Level Up

The introduction of the US-issued Chase Aeroplan Card brings a new angle to earning and levelling up your Aeroplan Elite Status strategy.

Upon signing up for the card, Aeroplan members will automatically receive Aeroplan 25K status through the next calendar year.

Moreover, after the first year(s) of instant 25K status, cardholders are able to retain 25K status every year by spending $15,000 (USD) on the Chase Aeroplan Card during a single calendar year. 

Cardholders can also earn an “Elite Status Level Up” to Aeroplan 35K status or higher upon spending $50,000 (USD) in the calendar year. 

The Elite Status Level Up takes into consideration whatever status level you’ve organically earned during the year of hitting the $50,000 (USD) spending threshold. Then, as of January 1 and through December 31 of the following year, your status will be bumped up one level higher.

Status Period

Once you have reached Aeroplan Elite Status for a given year, you will enjoy it through to the end of the next calendar year.

For example, if you qualify for Aeroplan 50K status in August 2021, you’ll enjoy the status benefits through to December 31, 2022. 

Note that eUpgrades have a validity period until mid-January. If you have confirmed an eUpgrade in the first couple of weeks of the new year, but haven’t renewed your status for that year, the eUpgrade still remains valid. 

Core Privileges and Select Privileges

Now that we have explored how to qualify for Aeroplan Elite Status, let’s explore what you get for all of your hard work. There are two sets of perks that are available to Aeroplan Elite Status members: Core Privileges and Select Privileges.

Core Privileges do not need to be selected. Depending on the tier that you reach, you are automatically afforded a range of perks. The full range of Core Privileges can be found on the Aeroplan Elite Status page, and the main ones will be highlighted in the discussion below.

Select Privileges, however, are bundles of options that must be selected by each Aeroplan Elite Status member once per year. There are two sets of bundles to choose from, with Bundle 1 having a broader range of benefits and Bundle 2 pertaining to Flight Pass activity only. For this article, I won’t be discussing Bundle 2 in detail.

Select Privileges must be chosen by December 31 each year. To choose them, login to your Aeroplan account, select the “Benefits” tab, and then proceed with your selections. If you neglect to select them by the deadline, you will forfeit them for the remainder of the benefit validity period.

Aeroplan 25K

The lowest status tier, Aeroplan 25K, is reached by earning either 25,000 SQM or 25 SQS, as well as a minimum of $3,000 SQD in a calendar year. While the range of perks is limited as compared to higher tiers, there is definitely value to be found, especially since you can reach this tier without flying at all.

Beginning with this level, you’ll enjoy a number of priority services with Air Canada: front-of-the-line call centre access, the ability to select seats at the front of the economy cabin, a separate check-in at the airport, and boarding the plane before most people.

Further, if a flight is full, you’ll have priority standby over others without status if you have purchased an eligible fare. 

You’ll also enjoy two free 23kg checked bags on Air Canada flights and complimentary handling of your sports equipment. So, for your winter ski trips or your summer cycling or surfing trips, you won’t have to shell out extra money to bring your beloved gear with you.

20 eUpgrades will automatically be deposited into your account to upgrade to a higher class of service on a booking. We have written extensively about this complex program, and I encourage you to review the information to maximize the value you can get from them.

All About Air Canada eUpgrades

If you earn a Priority Reward, it will be valid for use on economy class bookings in Canada and the United States.

You’ll also get Star Alliance Silver status. This extends your priority reservations waitlist and priority airport standby benefits to other Star Alliance partners, but doesn’t really offer much else.

For Select Privileges, Aeroplan Elite 25K members have the option of choosing two of the following from Bundle 1: 

  • 25% bonus Aeroplan points with Air Canada and select airline partners
  • 5 additional eUpgrade credits
  • 2 Maple Leaf Lounge one-time guest passes

From these, I consider the best options to be the 25% bonus Aeroplan points and the five eUpgrade credits. If you neither travel often nor hold a credit card that offers free lounge access, the Maple Leaf Lounge passes could be a worth considering.

Aeroplan 35K

Aeroplan 35K is reached when you obtain 35,000 SQM or 35 SQS, as well as a minimum of $4,000 SQD in a calendar year. In addition to the aforementioned Core Privileges for 25K, there are a few additional perks that come with 35K.

At this level, members enjoy priority security clearance via dedicated lanes in many airports worldwide. While this can also be obtained with a business class ticket or by holding a premium credit card, it can be a very useful perk when flying during peak travel season or in providing a streamlined travel experience.

Until May 31, 2023, Aeroplan 35K members will enjoy unlimited complimentary access to Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges for domestic and transborder travel to the United States in any class of service. As of June 1, 2023, this benefit will no longer be offered, so you may need to pick up a credit card that gives you lounge access. 

Two one-time Maple Leaf Lounge passes are also deposited to your Aeroplan account, and these may be transferred to anyone of your choosing.

Your complimentary baggage allowance also increases to three checked bags at 32kg each, and they’ll be marked with priority tags. This can be a big money saver if you’re moving across the country or if you tend to travel with a lot of luggage. 

Priority Rewards earned by Aeroplan 35K member are valid for travel in economy and premium economy across North America, including Sun destinations.

For Select Privileges, 35K members can choose one of the following from Bundle 1:

  • 35% bonus Aeroplan points with Air Canada and select airline partners
  • 15 eUpgrade credits

I would consider the 15 eUpgrade credits to be the best option here. As we have discussed in detail, eUpgrades can be of consider value if used strategically, and I think that most 35K members would get better value out of this option. 

Aeroplan 50K

Aeroplan 50K is reached when you earn 50,000 SQM or 50 SQS, as well as at least $6,000 SQD. If you are a member of the Air Canada Million Miler program, you’ll also enjoy this status for the rest of your life, no matter how little or how much you fly.

In addition to the aforementioned Core Privileges for 25K and 35K members, 50K gives you Star Alliance Gold status.

This extends many of your elite privileges when you’re flying with other Star Alliance airlines, including priority airport check-in, baggage handling, boarding, and access to all Star Alliance lounges worldwide for yourself and one guest.

For Maple Leaf Lounges, you can invite immediate family members and one guest at no charge. This also includes access to the Air Canada Café at Toronto Pearson, which offers far superior coffee than its domestic lounge counterpart. 

Air Canada Café Toronto

50K and above members will enjoy complimentary Preferred Seats on Flex fares and above with Air Canada flights within North America. This affords you a bit of extra legroom and access to the front of the economy cabin without any extra charges.

If you earn a Priority Reward, it’s valid towards travel in economy class or premium economy within North America and to Sun destinations. Note that this is the same as the benefit offered to Aeroplan 35K members.

For Select Privileges, 50K members can choose two of the following from Bundle 1:

  • 50% bonus Aeroplan points with Air Canada and select airline partners
  • 20 eUpgrade credits
  • Lower requalification level
  • 2 Status Passes

With these benefits, I’d consider the 50% bonus Aeroplan points and the 20 eUpgrade credits as the best options. After all, if you’re flying 50,000 or more miles per year, a 50% bonus isn’t insignificant, while the 20 eUpgrades carry undeniable value. 

Status Passes may be a good option to give to a group of people travelling on the same booking, but personally (and maybe selfishly), I find better value in the other two options.

At 50K, you’ll also have access to Threshold eUpgrades and gifts. These are earned when you reach cross an additional SQM or SQS threshold between tiers.

For example, after reaching 60,000 SQM or 60 SQS, you’ll receive an additional 10 eUpgrades, 2,500 rollover SQM, and 2,500 bonus Aeroplan points. There are further Threshold Gifts at various levels, and full details can be found on the Air Canada website.

Aeroplan 75K

The second-highest tier, Aeroplan 75K, is reached when you earn 75,000 SQM or 75 SQS, as well as at least $9,000 SQD in a calendar year. While the benefits for 75K largely mirror those of 50K members, there are a few additional perks in which some people may find extra value.

75K members enjoy complimentary preferred seats on Flex fares in all markets. For you and anyone else travelling on the same Air Canada reservation, you can select these seats at no cost. 

For 75K and Super Elite status holders, Air Canada will guarantee an economy class seat for you and one travel companion on any Air Canada flight booked in a full-fare economy (“Y” booking class) at least six hours prior to departure. 

Guaranteeing you a seat means that someone else will be denied boarding. This comes at an additional cost to Air Canada under Canada’s Air Passenger Protection RegulationsEU261, or under the Montreal Convention. You’ll be en route to where you need to be, albeit at a cost to you (with a full-fare ticket) and to the airline (in having to pay compensation to the denied passenger).

Air Canada will deny boarding to other passengers to get an Elite 75K member on their full-fare flight.

At this level, your Priority Rewards are valid towards travel in economy class and premium economy worldwide.

For Select Privileges, 75K members can choose two of the following six options from Bundle 1:

  • 75% bonus Aeroplan points with Air Canada and select airline partners
  • 35 eUpgrade credits
  • Lower requalification level
  • Aeroplan 35K status for a friend
  • 12-month Wi-Fi plan
  • 3 Status Passes

The Select Privileges here get a bit more interesting. Prior to choosing them, it would be wise to review your past, current, and future travel plans to see where you can extract the most value. 

Personally, I’d be inclined to select the 75% bonus Aeroplan points and the 35 eUpgrade credits, as I think I would get the most value from those. But, I can also see value with the 35K status for a friend or the 12-month Wi-Fi plan options, too. 

Gifting 35K status could be put to good use for someone who flies frequently throughout the year  perhaps separately from you. If you tend to work when you fly, the Wi-Fi pass would save you around $800 as compared to buying a monthly plan. And if you know a group of people travelling together, the Status Passes could help them elevate their travel experience and save money on baggage fees, too.

Aeroplan Super Elite

Air Canada’s highest status (that can be earned) is Aeroplan Super Elite. It is obtained by earning 100,000 SQM or 100 SQS, as well as earning at least $20,000 SQD in a calendar year. 

In addition to all aforementioned benefits, Super Elites are afforded several additional perks for being the airline’s most loyal customers:

  • For Core Privileges, Super Elites get complimentary preferred seats on all fares anywhere Air Canada flies.
  • Super Elites and one guest can also access the Arrivals Lounge at London Heathrow.
  • With Aeroplan bookings, you can enjoy free cancellation and free changes to any bookings. 
  • Super Elites receive a free beverage (including alcohol) and a free snack when travelling in economy class on Air Canada flights.

Further, your Priority Rewards are valid towards travel in business class on any Star Alliance airline worldwide. We’ve outlined how to maximize this perk in detail, and it can indeed be a very powerful and valuable benefit.

Perhaps the most intriguing benefit for Super Elites is the Concierge service. These employees offer personalized, proactive service to Super Elites, which includes handling special requests, proactively monitoring flight cancellations and connections, and ensuring your travel experience is as comfortable as possible. 

Air Canada Concierge, Montreal

We have heard from some Super Elites who have remarked at the lengths to which the Concierge has gone to assist. This includes digging through the bowels of airports to locate missing luggage, holding up planes so they can make a tight connection, and developing a personalized experience unavailable to most travellers.

For Select Privileges, Super Elites can choose two of the following six options from Bundle 1:

  • 100% bonus Aeroplan points with Air Canada and select airline partners
  • 50 eUpgrade credits
  • Lower requalification level
  • Aeroplan 50K status for a friend
  • 12-month Wi-Fi plan
  • 4 Status Passes

As with the Select Privileges for 75K members, the best value will depend on your individual preferences. Aeroplan points will accumulate very quickly with a 100% bonus. 50 eUpgrade credits can save you thousands of dollars. 50K status is a very generous gift for a friend or family member, too. 

For my work at a travel agency, we have a lot of Super Elites, and I have the pleasure of assisting with consulting for their elite benefits. The majority of them decide to go with 100% bonus Aeroplan points and 50 eUpgrade credits, but I have also selected many of the other options if they are a better fit for the traveller. 


The Aeroplan Elite Status program rewards Air Canada’s most frequent travellers with a variety of perks and privileges. Core Privileges offer a range of priority services and enhanced travel options, while the Select Privileges cater to individual preferences.

I find the most value with the benefits in eUpgrades, lounge access, complimentary checked bags, Priority Rewards, and priority services at the airport. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy access to the Air Canada Concierge team as a Super Elite, you’re sure to be well looked after on your journeys.

No matter how you prefer to engage with Aeroplan, having status can help you get more out of the program. If you mostly travel on paid flights, then your status can recuperate some of your money in the form of added perks when you travel.

Meanwhile, if you like to redeem points for business class, then earning eUpgrades can help reduce the number of points you need to burn. Plus, showing off that bag-tag swagger comes with its own prestige, too.


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