Alfa Romeo Had A “Spectacular” Turnaround And Is Profitable Enough To Fund Itself, Says Stellantis Boss


Stellantis boss Carlos Tavares says Alfa Romeo is in a very strong position and is on track to post record financial figures this year.

While speaking with members of the media at the Paris Motor Show, Tavares said that the future of the famed Italian car manufacturer has been secured for at least the next 10 years.

“Alfa is going very well,” Tavares said. “The business has been turned around and it is profitable. It is now in a position to fund its own future – it’s safe. The turnaround was done even before the launch of Tonale [the new small SUV that is launching now].”

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“This will be a record year for the brand. Alfa is set for the next 10 years. Since we created Stellantis, its turnaround has been spectacular.”

The Tonale is the most important new model launched by Alfa Romeo in recent years and could quickly prove to be its best-seller. A number of other new models are being readied by the car manufacturer, including an electric SUV that should launch in 2024, as well as a sedan larger than the Giulia. Alfa Romeo is also working on a new sports car, Autocar notes, that will be unveiled next year and take design cues from the iconic Alfa Romeo T33 Stradale.

Tavares noted that Alfa Romeo, DS, and Lancia represent the three premium brands of Stellantis and that their contribution to the company’s bottom line is “very limited compared to peers.” With this in mind, Tavares believes Stellantis has an excellent “opportunity” to grow the scope of these three brands.


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