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Alfa Romeo Launches Classiche Heritage Program To Certify And Care For Older Cars


Alfa Romeo is the latest brand to launch a heritage program to certify and care for older cars. Called “Alfa Romeo Classiche” the operation will provide owners with two types of certificates of provenance and offer restoration and repair services.

The first stop for Alfa owners looking to authenticate their cars is a Certificate of Origin, which the brand has actually offered since 2016, but now forms part of the Classiche service. Using the car’s chassis number as a reference Alfa’s history team produce a certificate outlining the vehicle’s year of manufacture and original configuration, including its specification and engine number.

But now owners who want to take things a step further can pay Alfa to authenticate every detail of their pride and joy. To put together a Certificate of Authenticity Alfa’s Classiche team rigorously inspects each car, either at the classic HQ in Mirafioro, Turin, or at the owner’s home. Experts analyze the current condition of the car and cross-reference the components fitted today with records detailing what would have been fitted when the car left Alfa’s factory.

The final Classiche option is a repair and restoration service, which might come in handy if Alfa’s Certificate of Authenticity technicians have just been through your car and condemned it as dangerously broken and missing most of its original components. The team is geared-up to undertake full nut and bolt restorations but will also carry out simple maintenance too.

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A dedicated heritage section will soon appear on Alfa’s website to promote the classic division’s activities, which CEO Jean Philippe Imparato says will forge stronger links to the past as Alfa goes through some radical changes over the next few years on its route to become an EV-only brand by 2027.

“[Alfa Romeo’s] future includes very ambitious goals aimed at redefining the concept of sportiness in the 21st century, while remaining faithful to its DNA,” Imperato explained. “While planning for the future, our heritage is always our main source of inspiration. For us, the Alfa Romeo Classiche heritage programme aims to enhance our historic automotive heritage by certifying the authenticity of vintage Alfa Romeos and giving new life to marvellous examples that still captivate and excite car enthusiasts around the world.”


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