Alfa Romeo Reportedly Working On Flagship Sports Car With Giulia GTA’s Twin-Turbo V6


Alfa Romeo might be focused on SUVs, with the Tonale and the upcoming Brenero, but the Italian company doesn’t forget its hardcore fans who will soon be treated by a surprise – if the latest reports are true. A limited production mid-engined supercar with a carbon-fiber monocoque and the twin-turbo V6 from the Giulia GTA could arrive in the next few years, as the brand’s halo model and the last hurrah for Alfa’s combustion-engined sports cars.

Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Alfa Romeo’s head of design, has hinted at a surprise reveal in the near future: “We will surprise you. Maybe. At some point. Soon”. Now, an exclusive report from Car Magazine suggests that the Alfa Romeo sports car could debut in concept form in 2023, with a low-volume production version following by 2025. This would be right before the Italian brand launches its first EV based on Stellantis underpinnings, fueling our hopes for another ICE-powered Alfa.

Low Volume Production Allows ICE-Power And Carbon-Fiber Tub

According to the report, the supercar would be a fitting send-off for the 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6. The mill debuted in the Quadrifogilo variants of the Giulia and the Stelvio and can be found under the hood of the limited-production Giulia GTA / GTAm where it produces 532 hp (397 kW / 540 PS). A modified version with more power could find its way into the upcoming model.

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While Alfa Romeo has access to Stellantis’ parts bin, the new sports car will most likely utilize a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, instead of the modular STLA architectures. This could be shared with the discontinued Alfa Romeo 4C, or its evolved version that is said to underpin the Maserati MC20.

An ICE-only mid-engined RWD supercar would be a thrill for Alfa Romeo fans all over the world and feature comparatively low R&D costs, but we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of some sort of hybrid assistance, inspired by the hybrid units in F1 single-seaters. The Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team is said to be involved with the development, utilizing its expertise in engineering, aerodynamics, and chassis setup. In this context, Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos said that his design team does some work with Sauber, stating that they “have a business in common” following their collaboration for the livery of the latest F1 single-seater.

Daring But Not Retro-Flavored Design

The 1970 Alfa Romeo Montreal, designed by Marcello Gandini

Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, took on his role as Alfa Romeo’s head of design last summer, which means that we have yet to see the first examples of his work since the Tonale was already completed by the time of his arrival. As reported by Car Magazine, Mesonero-Romanos wants to create “progressive” automobiles, using Scaglione’s BAT prototypes and Gandini’s Montreal as inspiring examples from the past, and criticizing the Alfa Romeos of the ’80s which became “less daring”.

Still, the designer who used to work in Seat and Cupra before moving to Italy, made it clear that he won’t take the easy road of copying the past in retro-flavored proposals: “Our cars are going to be daring. But don’t expect retro cars – our cars are going to be full Alfa Romeo”.

Speaking to other designers from Alfa Romeo including Alexandros Liokis, head of exterior design for the Tonale, we got a similar attitude towards the future styling approach. Liokis told us that they are not planning a “photocopy” family look for their future range, as each model will have its own identity, always infused by the Alfa Romeo DNA. His work with the Tonale is a great example of this notion, integrating elements from many Alfa Romeo’s of the past, into a modern SUV. We expect a similar approach for the supercar, which will also benefit from sexy proportions.

Alfa Romeo Supercar – A Long Rumored Love Story

The 1967 Alfa Romeo T33 Stradale is one of the most beautiful cars ever made

An Alfa Romeo supercar was part of the company’s strategy in the pre-Stellantis era, although the project was aborted due to financial struggles and continuous restructuring. However, reports about an Italian exotic with an Alfa badge re-emerged last February, when Alfa Romeo CEO, Jean Philippe Imparato, revealed they were working on potential one-off and limited edition projects for the future. Last May, we had a conversation with Alfa Romeo’s North America boss, Larry Dominique, who was eager to talk about a possible halo car, again pointing in the direction of a low-volume model.

Talking about his wishes for the future of Alfa Romeo, Imparato mentioned the gorgeous 33 Stradale as a potential source of inspiration for a new model. The ultra-limited production model was originally introduced in 1967 and is known as Alfa Romeo’s first and only supercar. It is also widely considered one of the most beautiful cars ever made, serving as an inspiration for the design of the 8C Competizione (2007-2010) and the 4C Stradale Tributo Edition (2020).

A spiritual successor to the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale would certainly satisfy the Alfisti, providing us with bedroom poster or smartphone wallpaper material in an era where SUVs are dominating in the lineups of not only mainstream automakers, but also in the portfolios of performance-focused brands.


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