All Hyundai And Kia Models To Use TomTom’s GPS System In Europe


Hyundai Motor Group has announced a partnership with TomTom to use the company’s maps and real-time traffic data for its complete line-up of vehicles in Europe.

While you may not hear about TomTom as often as you did when third-party, windshield-mounted GPS navigation systems were all the rage, the company’s mapping services are included as standard on all Genesis models.

TomTom’s mapping system will allow Hyundai Motor Group’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to better anticipate the road ahead and provide such systems with improved road information, including gradient, lanes, curvature, and speed limits.

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“We are thrilled that all Hyundai and Kia drivers in Europe will benefit from the comfort and safety provided by TomTom’s best-in-class geolocation technology,” Hyundai Motor Group vice president and head of infotainment development group, Haeyoung Kwon, said in a statement. “TomTom is a partner we trust to deliver highly accurate map data that enhances our Highway Driving Assist technology, and real-time traffic information that helps us optimize navigation guidance and ETAs.”

The South Korean car manufacturer notes that TomTom’s data provides accurate and verified information for all speed limit types across Europe, helping with intelligent speed assistance regulation compliance that came into force in July 2022.

“It’s a pleasure to expand our relationship with Hyundai Motor Group so that each and every one of their cars in Europe will be equipped with TomTom’s technology,” added TomTom managing director Antoine Saucier. “Hyundai Motor Group is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking players in the automotive industry, and we look forward to collaborating over the coming decade, creating pioneering solutions that provide freedom of movement in a safe, enjoyable, and clean way.”


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