All-New Zenvo Hypercar To Produce Between 1,500-1,800 HP From Hybrid V12


Zenvo, the low-volume automaker from Denmark, revealed more information about their next model that’s set to arrive in 2023. According to Jens Sverdrup, Chairman and CCO at Zenvo Automotive, the upcoming hypercar will be a clean-sheet design, featuring a new modular carbon-fiber chassis, a new hybrid twin-turbo V12 producing between 1,500-1,800 hp, and a new gearbox, all developed in-house.

The first reports about the new Zenvo surfaced last year, although back then, company officials suggested it would use an updated version of the current carbon-fiber tub. A new report by Top Gear suggests that the company developed an all-new carbon-fiber chassis which might also be used in other future models. The chassis is capable supporting of a fully electric powertrain, but the company opted for a hybrid setup as its customers and dealers still want combustion-powered models.

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The new V12 engine with two electric turbochargers will rev up to 10,000 rpm and produce close to 1,200 hp. It will power the rear wheels through a new eight-speed automatic gearbox but the potential addition of a front-mounted electric motor could bring all-wheel-drive capability and increase the combined output to somewhere between 1,500-1,800 hp. Those figures are well into Bugatti territory, although Zenvo claims they are more interested in the fun-to-drive factor instead of chasing numbers. For the same reason, the new hypercar won’t be joining the 300 mph club, nor chasing Guinness World Records.

The new hypercar was presented to prospective buyers last week at Monterey, but the general public will first lay eyes on it in 2023. Zenvo plans on building two variants, a road-focused GT and a lighter track-focused derivative that will remain street-legal. The latter will be distinguished by the more aggressive aero that will contribute to significant amounts of downforce, while the company is targeting a weight of 1,250 kg (2,756 pounds) resulting in an impressive power-to-weight figure.

Interestingly, Zenvo has already gathered 30 deposits for the new model. This number might be low for the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini, but it represents a significant achievement for a company that makes less than 5 units per year. According to Top Gear, Zenvo has only sold 15 cars in the last 15 years.

Zenvo’s current offering, the V8-powered TSR-S, was introduced in 2018 and remains one of the wildest hypercars money can buy. However, despite featuring several improvements, it bears a close resemblance to previous models like the TS1/TSR (2016) and the original ST1 (2009). Thus, a fresh styling approach for the next Zenvo would be more than welcome after all those years, helping it justify its premium pricing against the fierce competition from the likes of Koenigsegg and Pagani.

As for future plans, Jens Sverdrup admitted that Zenvo is considering a “junior hypercar” as a natural step forwards but definitely “not an SUV”. The smaller model is expected to be fitted with a V8 engine, again built in-house. The CCO revealed that a big part of Zenvo’s business is the development of engines and gearboxes. He said that V6 and V8 units will be widely available to the market, but the flagship V12 will be reserved for Zenvo hypercars.


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