All Volkswagen R Models Will Be Fully Electric By 2030


Volkswagen R, the sub-brand for performance-focused models, will go EV-only by 2030, as confirmed by the automaker. While we have yet to see the first fully electric R, a number of zero-emission models are already under development, set to fully replace the current lineup by the end of the decade.

The performance models are usually the last of the bunch to go electric. However, this is not the case with Volkswagen which has pledged to go EV-only by 2035, five years later than the R sub-brand. As reported by Autocar, Volkswagen said it is “gradually converting its portfolio with several electric R models in the planning stages”.

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Reinhold Ivenz, head of VW R, confirmed the forthcoming change by saying: “In order to become a fully electric brand by the end of the decade, we’re already taking the necessary steps today for the forthcoming transformation. The globally successful products from Volkswagen R are part of this exciting change process and will stand in the future for sustainable electric mobility.”

Volkswagen is already offering GTE-branded PHEVs and GTX-branded EVs, while the current R is mostly pure ICE. More specifically it includes the Golf R, the T-Roc R, the Tiguan R, and the Touareg R PHEV, which is the sole electrified offering at the moment. The company didn’t go into specifics about the timing of the EV launches but said it is “currently assessing various concepts and possibilities but will only offer R models that meet our requirements”.

The VW Touareg R PHEV is the only electrified offering from the current R range.

In the next few years we expect hot variants of the ID range, most likely starting with the ID.4 R SUV. The production version of the ID. Aero sedan is also a great candidate for an R variant, as with the upcoming Project Trinity flagship and other SSP (Scalable Systems Platform) based models set to debut after 2026. As for the current nameplates, they could join the pack if they get EV successors in the future.

According to Volkswagen, the electric R models will inherit performance-related technology from concepts like the record-breaking ID.R, featuring powerful electric motors, tweaked aerodynamics, and a more focused chassis setup compared to the lesser but still sporty GTX trims. They will also bring rapid charging capabilities and “exclusive charging options” in order for the battery to replenish the energy as fast as possible.


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