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Cryptocurrencies have gained a ton of popularity over the past few years, and many new cryptocurrency projects are being launched frequently. However, only a small handful of these projects manage to become popular and gain mainstream adoption. Recently, a cryptocurrency called IMPT Token has been trending a lot among the crypto community. IMPT first became popular when news broke out that the cryptocurrency had managed to raise around $2.8 million,  n just a single week. It had initially managed to get $2  million in presales in just 5 days. Moreover, an increasing number of people are buying up the IMPT Token in anticipation of its price rising. In the first stage of the IMPT presale, IMPT tokens have been priced at $0.018. Once sales reach ₹10 million, the second stage of the presale will begin, and the IMPT tokens would increase in price to $0.023

As per the company’s official website, IMPT Token is a blockchain-based Crypto platform that aims to help businesses and individuals Make a positive change in the environment. The IMPT Token will make it easy for buyers and businesses to manage carbon credits using a blockchain-based mechanism. Multiple big-name consumer brands and retailers such as Amazon, Microsoft, Gamestop, and more have signed up with IMPT. Whenever a customer shops on any of these affiliated brands with the IMPT widget, the retailer will donate a portion of their earnings to IMPT.

The proportion of money donated will vary among different brands and retailers, and customers can also check the proportion of donations that the brands are doing while shopping through the IMPT widget. Thus, consumers can choose which brands or retailers they wish to buy from on the basis of how much they are donating to IMPT. The IMPT users will get IMPT tokens for shopping through their platform, and these IMPT tokens can effectively be exchanged for carbon credits

The main purpose of the IMPT project is to enable the easy buying and selling of carbon credits using a blockchain marketplace. The reason behind using blockchain technology is to eliminate frauds, and scams and bring complete transparency to the process of carbon credit trading. Any time someone buys or gets an IMPT token, they can convert it into carbon credits on the IMPT website. These carbon credits can then be listed on the IMPT website in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). IMPT also allows for retiring of your carbon credits in exchange for collectable NFTs by popular artists. Users can choose to retire their carbon credits to offset their carbon footprints or list their carbon credits for sale on the IMPT site.

Moreover, IMPT is appealing to environmentally conscious investors who wish to use their funds to stop and reverse environmental pollution, global warming and climate change, by encouraging investments in renewable energy and stopping deforestation. One of the aims of the IMPT project is to show that profitability for businesses can be achieved even while protecting the environment. Finally, IMPT wants to empower individuals around the world to collectively come together and do their part in climate change to create a significant positive impact on the environment.

Disclaimer: This article does not intend to pass on any financial advice and BQ Prime does not endorse any of the cryptocurrencies mentioned above. Cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile. Please invest at your own discretion.


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