Alleged Street Racers Crash Kills One And Injures Five Others


There’s no question that many in the automotive enthusiast community love speed and that at times, exercise questionable judgment. A new video from a street racing accident in St. Louis demonstrates just how tragic the consequences can be when a person behind the wheel engages in street racing. The clip shows a crash that killed one innocent bystander and injured four others.

The wreck took place Monday around 5:00 p.m. in northern St. Louis on Kingshighway Boulevard according to authorities. A camera near the intersection caught the entire event. From what we can see, the two Ford Mustangs enter the left side of the frame well after a silver Chevrolet Cobalt had entered the intersection.

A white Mustang manages to avoid the Chevrolet by driving directly behind it. A red Mustang slams directly into the driver’s side of the Cobalt. The small four-door car spins and flips violently before coming to rest on its side. The red Mustang evidently collided with two other vehicles down the road before coming to a stop.

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All four occupants of the Cobalt were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The driver did not survive. The driver of the red Mustang sustained hand injuries and was also taken to the hospital. One of the individuals in one of the other two cars hit by the Mustang also went to the hospital with injuries. The white Mustang drove off and has yet to be found by police as of this writing.

Quite simply, there’s no excuse for this sort of behavior on any level. While we don’t condone any sort of street racing, this wasn’t a situation where two individuals were out on back roads alone in the middle of the night with no other people around. These two drivers were clearly going so fast among traffic that one of them couldn’t avoid an accident that took the life of an innocent person.

An accident reconstruction team is still investigating the crash according to local news outlet KSDK. We hope for a speedy recovery for all those affected.


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