Alpine Alpenglow Concept Debuts With Hydrogen Power, Shows Future Design Language


Alpine took the wraps off the Alpenglow concept, a futuristic hypercar with striking proportions and a hydrogen internal combustion engine. The motorsport-inspired concept might not be destined for production, but it is a manifesto for the brand, previewing future Alpine models for both the road and the racetrack.

The name Alpenglow represents the reddish glow over the mountains just before sunrise, serving as an analogy for the dawn of a new era for Alpine. Overall, the concept looks like an endurance racer from a sci-fi film or a video game. Its sculpted and aerodynamic body is created by two interlocking triangles resembling a wingsuit. The proportions are quite dramatic, with a length of more than 5 m (196.9 inches), a width of more than 2 m (78.7 inches), and a height of less than 1 m (39.4 inches). Another highlight is the lighting signature with futuristic lighting streams on both ends. Interestingly, the front lights are red symbolizing a comet entering the atmosphere, while the rear lights are blue hinting at the hydrogen powertrain.

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Alpenglow is a single-seater, with the driver in a central position between dual waterdrop-shaped hydrogen tanks. The helmet-style cockpit is transparent, alongside other exterior and interior parts of the concept including the active rear wing, the snowflake-shaped rims, the pedals, the paddles, the engine cover, and the prism-shaped ignition key. The steering wheel is designed after LPM1 and F1 racecars, with two integrated dials and an “overtake” button for unleashing the vehicle’s full potential.

Alpine says that the sculpted and chiseled shapes of the concept, alongside the lighting signature and the snowflake/triangular references, encapsulate its future design language. The colors and materials used in the concept – inspired by natural elements and states – are also signs of things to come. Thus, it is safe to assume that some toned-down features will be incorporated in upcoming production models and racing cars. The first of those will most likely be Alpine’s entry in the LMDh category, coming with a similar shape, aero, and lighting units.

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Alpine didn’t reveal much about the underpinnings of the Alpenglow besides the fact that it is fitted with a hydrogen-powered engine and two 700-bar cylindrical hydrogen tanks. The mill produces “practically nothing but steam and riveting engine roars” during combustion, making it one of the potential solutions for sustainable mobility in the future. The automaker believes that hydrogen technology, both in the form of fuel cells (FCEV) and internal combustion, will complement battery-electric vehicles in the future.

The Alpine Alpenglow will make its public debut at the Paris Motor Show, together with the A110 R. The French automaker refers to its future lineup as “Dream Garage Models”. Three of them have already been confirmed and identified as EVs, including the A5 hot hatch, the GT-X Over high-riding grand tourer, and a new sportscar serving as the successor of the A110.

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