Anna Geary’s new show will help singles find love around Ireland


Pic: RTÉ

Forget about Love Island! As we have a brand new series coming to Irish telly all about hunting for love.

Anna Geary will be travelling around Ireland to help single people find the one.

Love in the Country will centre around seven rural romantics, all of whom are looking for love but feel their locations make it more difficult to meet someone.

The series features both men and women from different backgrounds living and working in rural Ireland, who would like to find someone to share their lives with.

Anna Geary pictured at the Platinum VIP Style Awards 2022 at The Marker Hotel, Dublin.
Picture: Brian McEvoy
No Repro Fee For One Use

Love in the Country is based on the international format of Farmer Wants a Wife, which has matched hundreds of couples successfully all over the world.

Speaking about the new show, Anna Geary: “I’m on a mission to find seven rural romantics that ‘special someone’ they’ve been searching for. I’m a farmer’s daughter and grew up in rural Ireland. It’s a great wholesome lifestyle, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to meet someone.

“We live in a time where ‘swiping right’ is the norm, however so many don’t like that approach. Love in the Country, like the name suggests, can help people to find love. I’m excited to get started on Love in the Country. I’ll be a confidante, sounding board and wing-woman of sorts for the love hopefuls, with some laughs along the way too.”

Love in the Country is set to air on RTÉ in 2023


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