Another Brand New DeLorean Is Coming From A Totally Different Company


Great Scott! Dig out the old Walkman, put in the Huey Lewis and the News tape and climb onto your hoverboard, because we’re going… into a future where a brand new DeLorean motor car is in the works. “Hang on,” we hear you say, “how is this news? We heard about this already a few months ago!“ Ah, but that’s the thing, This all-new DeLorean has nothing to do with the other all-new DeLorean that has already been announced. Confused yet?

Ok, let’s try and untangle this a bit. The latest announcement comes from a new company called DNG Motors (which stands for DeLorean Next Generation Motors). DNG is a company formed by Kat DeLorean, the daughter of the legendary John Z. DeLorean: the man, myth, and legend behind the original DeLorean Motor Company and its sole product, the DMC 12. The new model is to be named “Model – JZD” in honor of John Z., and the company claims it will start assembly in January 2023 in the good old Motor City, Detroit, Michigan. They plan to officially unveil the car “by the end of the year.”

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Details are currently pretty thin, but DNG Motors states that the team will feature “some of the top automotive minds in the industry, along with a portion of the original team that helped create the first iconic DeLorean more than 40 years ago”. It goes on to claim that DNG Motors will be a “New kind of mobility company the industry has never seen before, one that focuses on people and gives back to society.” Besides building cars and creating jobs, the company plans to launch new engineering programs to benefit public high school students, and forge partnerships with other manufacturers to help meet challenges faced by the industry.

DNG Motors also goes to great lengths to point out that they have no connection whatsoever to any other projects bearing the DeLorean name and are the only company with direct lineage to John Z., which is a pretty clear dig at the other new DeLorean concept, the Alpha 5, announced by Texas-based DeLorean Motors Reimagined LLC (doing business as DeLorean Motor Company).

Despite the name, this DeLorean Motor Company has no direct connection to the original company. Instead, it grew from a DeLorean Parts and service business founded in 1985 after the original company went bankrupt. That business (originally “DeLorean One”) was rebranded DeLorean Motor Company in 1995, acquired most of the parts stock, drawings, and tooling of the original firm, and continues to be the main source of parts and service to owners of classic DMC cars. The Alpha 5 EV concept, designed by ItalDesign, who also penned the original DMC 12, was first shown in August of 2022, and DMC says they expect the production versions of the Alpha 5 to be rolling out “sometime in 2024.”

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Of course, it remains to be seen whether either of these projects will result in any actual production cars being built, because creating a new car from scratch and bringing it to production is an incredible time and resource-intensive endeavor, especially with all the legislation manufacturers have to contend with today.

However, from where we’re sitting, suddenly going from a world where there were zero new DeLoreans towards a potential future where there could possibly be two distinct new ones needs to be celebrated. There are likely to be a few legal battles in the future regarding who owns the rights to what if both companies go ahead, but that’s a job for the lawyers. From an enthusiast’s point of view, we can’t wait to see what DNG and their counterparts have in store for us.

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