Another Speeding Tesla Model Y Rams Into Two Cars Killing Two In China


Chinese authorities are investigating a new deadly accident involving another speeding Tesla Model Y that ran through a traffic light crashing into two vehicles resulting in the deaths of two people. This latest incident comes just weeks after a different Model Y was filmed accelerating out of control before crashing, killing two people and injuring three more.

The crash involving the black Model Y occurred earlier on Monday, November 28, in the city of Taizhou in the the Zhejiang province. Closed circuit video taken near the scene and shared on Chinese social media site Weibo evidently shows the Tesla speeding through an intersection prior to the accident. Other videos taken during the crash and then just after give us a little more to go on. The first is shot from a dash cam mounted in a vehicle traveling close to the scene of the accent.

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While they don’t show us the moment of impact, we do see the immediate aftermath. It seems as though the Tesla barreled into the back of one car pushing it out into the intersection where it collided with the second car, which was traveling through the intersection at the time. This wasn’t some sort of tiny bump either. The car that the Tesla initially hit had enough energy to continue across the intersection and into the curb on the other side. It nearly flipped over.

Warning: Some viewers may find the following video disturbing

As of this writing, there’s no direct indication of exactly what took place before the accident which leaves room for speculation all over the place. Was the driver speeding and lost control of the vehicle? Did he fell asleep on the wheel? Did the brakes fail as was the claim of another driver in another high-speed Tesla accident recently?

Until someone in the know provides more information the jury will remain out. It’s worth noting that CarNewsChina says that Tesla has taken to court, and won many cases against those claiming brake failure in recent months. It also says that local authorities have failed to find any proof of brake failure.

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