Apparent Road Rage Incident In St. Louis Sees Lifted Truck Slam Camry Into Highway Divider


We’ve all experienced moments of frustration behind the wheel. Oftentimes those moments come in traffic and I for one have heard people say “I wish I had a big truck so I could just run people off of the road.” While those hyperbolic comments aren’t healthy, the video below seems to show someone who had a similar thought and used their jacked-up pickup truck to do exactly that.

First posted to Facebook on October 28th by user Ibro Enzo Suljic, the short 10-second clip slows a Toyota Camry attempting to overtake a truck. As it accelerates into the wide-open left lane, the driver of the truck turns its front wheels hard to the left and accelerates into the front passenger side of the Camry.

For a moment or so it almost seems as though the truck tries to continue crushing the Toyota into the divider even after the initial contact. A moment later, the truck pulls away from the idle sedan and drives away. Those filming are obviously shocked as anyone would be from such an encounter.

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Since the initial incident, there hasn’t been any report on whether or not the driver of the pickup truck is in police custody. We also don’t know if the passengers of the Toyota are ok. The keen-eyed folks over at TireMeetsRoad made some interesting points worth noting.

First, the incident occurred at this spot in St. Louis just shy of the Ladue Road exit 13 which can be seen in the video. On top of that, this type of aggressive driving would be at the very least a Class A misdemeanor considering that an accident was involved. We’re willing to bet that the actual charges would be considerably greater since the intent to injure or harm seems evident.

We’ve reached out both to Mr. Suljic and to authorities in the area to get a better view of what they know. Hopefully, one or both can provide more information about the aftermath of the incident. Until then, we’d love to think that somehow this was an accident but the video seems to prove otherwise. We’ll keep you updated should we hear from either one.

Photo Ibro Enzo Suljic / Facebook


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