Are These Flooded Lucid Motor Air EVs Worth The Trouble Saving?


Do you really want to get your hands on a Lucid Air but aren’t willing to wait the many months it will take for delivery? Well, we have a solution. Kind of.

While recently browsing through Copart and IAAI, we stumbled across not one, not two, but three Lucid Air models up for auction in Florida. As you can probably all guess, all three have water damage, inevitably caused by Hurricane Ian.

The first and most expensive of the trio is a Lucid Air Dream Edition with an estimated retail value of $189,000. It is finished in white and a marker on the driver’s door indicates that the water level reached all the way to the base of the side windows. That means that almost the entire cabin of the EV would have been filled with water, meaning few if any interior parts will be salvageable.

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The second Lucid Air heading to auction is a Grand Touring variant. It too is finished in white and while there doesn’t appear to be a line to denote how high the water was, the fact that the little VIN plaque beneath the windshield is covered in moisture leads us to believe that water also found its way into the cabin of this Lucid. It had attracted a highest bid of $9,500 at the time of writing.

Last but not least is a second Lucid Air Grand Touring, this time available through IAAI. It is a little hard to tell how extensive the water damage sustained to the car is but the listing notes that the digital instrument cluster is no longer working, indicating some serious electrical issues.

Buying a flood-damaged vehicle is always risky and that’s especially true when the water has knocked out a car’s electrical systems. We would steer well clear of these Lucid Airs.


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