Are You An IDFC First Bank Customer? Participate In The Khushiyan First Contest And Win Exciting Prizes


1. All three offer categories as shown in the table above will be mutually exclusive.

2.   The promotion will only be valid for purchases made at qualifying retail stores for personal use. The offer will not be accepted for any kind of commercial transaction.

3. Each variant of the FIRST Millennia, FIRST Wealth, FIRST Select, FIRST Classic, and IDFC FIRST bank employee credit cardholders will be eligible for the daily rewards and hourly prizes, separately.

4.  For the overall winners, the first to eleventh awards will be rolled out separately for the FIRST Classic, FIRST Millennia, FIRST Wealth and FIRST Select credit card variants. For owners of IDFC FIRST Bank employee credit cards, the first to fifth rewards will be awarded.

5. Each user will be eligible only for the daily and hourly prizes if they have used a minimum amount of Rs. 5000 on their particular credit card.

6. Eligibility time frame for the daily prizes will be between 12 AM to 11:59 PM

7. Eligibility time frame for the hourly prizes will be between 10 AM to 10:59 AM

8. When the offer is fulfilled, the awards will be given out in the form of the promised reward points, products, gift cards, and cashback at the sole discretion of the bank. Below are some examples:

  • Apple Watch 8 / Gift Voucher / Cashback worth INR 48,900

  • FitBit Sense / Gift Voucher / Cashback worth INR 24,999

  • Amazon Gift Voucher / Cashback worth INR 5100

  • Samsung S22 / Gift Voucher / Cashback worth INR 62,999

  • iPhone 14 / Gift Voucher / Cashback worth INR 79,900

  • iPhone 14 Pro / Gift Voucher / Cashback worth INR 129,900

9.  Each winner will be chosen from each credit card variant, which are – FIRST Classic Credit Card, FIRST Wealth Credit Card, FIRST Select Credit Card, FIRST Millennia Credit Card, and IDFC FIRST Employee Credit Card.

Please note: The offer is neither transferable nor redeemable for cash and is also not negotiable.

10. Any transaction made with an IDFC FIRST Bank Add-On Credit Card qualifies for the promotion, and the advertised product, reward points, cashback, or gift voucher will be credited to the main cardholder’s account. The Add-On cardholder will not receive a separate or duplicate posting. Plus, only transactions completed between the offer start date and the offer end date will be taken into account.

11. The promised merchandise, cashback, reward points, or gift voucher posting will not be performed if the customer’s credit card account is found to have been in late or over-limit status for the previous three months during the offer fulfillment.


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