Arizona Police Chase Looks Like It’s Straight Out Of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit


Police arrested four individuals in Glendale, AZ after an eventful police chase. The driver of an allegedly stolen white Volkswagen Tiguan ran over stop sticks and curbs, into fields, and even took out a sign before the end of the pursuit. Watching it all unfold is eerily reminiscent of the sort of thing you’d only ever see in a video game.

The pursuit took place on August 29th around 3:20 p.m. after authorities say the perpetrators were involved in an armed robbery/home invasion. The suspects took the vehicle from that location and were subsequently spotted and pursued by police. That ensuing pursuit featured some wild driving.

First, the Volkswagen driver tries to lose the cops by making multiple U-turns and running at high speed before the police successfully deploy a stop stick. It damages the rear driver’s-side tire but the chase continues. Next, the driver attempts a sharp hard right turn. The SUV displays its propensity for understeer as the chase nearly ends with the Tiguan sliding into a curb and bushes around the 1:40 mark.

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Despite being down a tire, the VW soldiers on for a number of miles. Over that time it cuts off multiple vehicles, drives into oncoming traffic, and then enters a park. It’s in that park where the suspects manage to drive into a hornet’s nest worth of police vehicles and somehow come out unscathed.

Of course, they also come out with a literal street sign resting on the roof of the car for some time before it finally falls off. Only after a successful PIT maneuver sends the Tiguan into a light pole, which falls down exactly as you’ve seen them do in video games, that the chase ends.

According to local news station CBS58, Police took four suspects, two women, ages 35 and 18, and two teenage boys, 16 and 14 into custody. They did not confirm which of the four was driving. The driver will likely be charged with reckless endangering of safety as well as with fleeing and eluding an officer. We don’t think eluding really applies though. These four certainly didn’t elude the police for very long.

Image Credit: Incident Response on YouTube


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