Audi Rebrands Its Subscription Service As “Audi On Demand,” Adds Electric Models


Audi has announced that its U.S. subscription service, Silvercar by Audi, will be rebranded as “Audi on demand,” as of today. The newly named service offers additional services, vehicles, and more.

The app-based rental service is available at participating Audi dealerships throughout the United States, and offers customers more ways to interact with the brand’s vehicles. It offers rentals with flexible terms that can be as short as a day or last many months.

Audi is now also offering a rental option that can last up to one year, in some cases, as part of this rebranding effort. In addition, the service will now offer fully-electric vehicles, like the Audi e-tron Sportback.

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Pricing for all of this is not made clear in Audi’s release, and appears to depend on availability and location. However, renting an e-tron SUV from Audi South Coast, in Orange County, California, from February 6 to February 7 would cost a total of $141 for the day, according to the Audi on demand website, $942 for the week of February 6 to 13, and $3,904 for the 30-day period between February 6 and March 7. I am not able to book a year-long term at the dealership.

“Consumer behaviors are changing and Audi is listening,” said Sara Whiffen, VP of Strategy, Mobility & Retail Operations at Audi of America. “Audi on demand allows us to meet the growing need for short-term and long-term mobility experiences—local rental options, longer test drives, flexible short-term transportation, and lease bridges—addressing consumer demands and expectations in today’s rapidly changing travel environment.”

Silvercar was founded in 2012 and, at first, offered only silver vehicles from the Audi brand. The automaker has been a longtime investor in the business, which it said at the time represented the “future of the car rental industry.”

Audi on demand services are now available at 38 dealerships, and more are expected to offer the service by the end of 2022.


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